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Zoom Video Webinars FAQ

Zoom Video Webinars FAQ

Q: What is a Zoom Video Webinar?

A: Zoom Video Webinars enable businesses of all sizes to easily conduct large online events with video, audio, and screen sharing for better engagement. The simple interface allows you to plan and present professional webinars at an affordable price. Zoom’s high-quality experience scales with great dependability up to 100 video participants and 10,000 viewers for a better, more interactive experience and 50,000 viewers upon request.

Q: What are the benefits of Video Webinars?

A: Webinars are one of the most effective marketing methods and with Zoom its low cost and easy to do. Zoom Video Webinars help businesses reach customers, prospects and employees as effectively as in-person events and more easily than other webinar solutions. Webinars are well known to provide a cost-effective way to help businesses qualify leads faster, speed the sales cycle, and improve customer satisfaction. With Zoom’s video quality and capabilities, you’re going to see major improvement in your participants’ engagement. You can also record your webinar and make it available on-demand to build your market.

Q: What can I do with Zoom Video Webinars?

A: With Zoom Video Webinars you can deliver online events with up to 100 video panelists (49 per screen). Present to up to 10,000 attendees, and use Facebook, YouTube, or custom live streaming to broadcast to an unlimited audience. Businesses use Zoom Video Webinars for lead generation, product launches, trainings and all-hands events for employees. Reliability and easy to use interactivity features make Zoom Video Webinars the solution of choice for educators to reach large audiences across the globe. Capabilities include:

  • Broaden your reach: You can easily attract your audience with company-branded registration pages and Also, see where your audience is coming from with lead source tracking.
  • Engage your audience: Being on video helps to make connections and keep everyone more engaged. Involve your webinar attendees using interactive polling and Q & A with the ability to up-vote Attendees can also be promoted to panelists to speak and share their video while in-session. After the event, you can send a survey link to attendees. You can easily record webinars locally, or to the cloud, in MP4 or MP4A formats for later viewing by internal and external audiences.
  • Identify sales leads and measure success: Zoom helps you evaluate the success of your webinars with reporting to help segment your audience for effective follow-up.

Q: How are Zoom Video Webinars unique?

A: We’ve all joined webinars that were terrible because the platform the presenter used just did not scale well and was not stable. You need a platform that is going to work reliably and help you to easily present your best self. You should not have to worry about the technology, with Zoom it just works.

Zoom Video Webinars are different because of the incredible quality and reliability of the experience, and you can have up to 100 interactive video participants and unlimited viewers – no other vendors offer these sizes of Webinars with HD video capabilities – and seeing the presenters makes the world of difference in building engagement and trust.

Zoom is the only webinar vendor that amplifies your audience’s visual experience with Virtual Backgrounds and facilitates easy review of dialogue during the event with Live Transcription. Zoom’s flat-fee pricing allows you to conduct as many webinars as you want. Customers love Zoom’s ease of use, quality, scalability, security, and affordability.

Q: What features are included in Zoom Video Webinars?

A: Zoom Video Webinar is full-featured with everything you need to reach more people and grow your business.

  • Up to 100 interactive HD video participants (49 per screen)
  • Choose packages with 100, 500, 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, or 10,000 view-only attendees
  • Instantly broadcast to an unlimited audience via Facebook Live, YouTube, or custom live stream to desired social platform
  • Ability to brand you emails and registration pages
  • Option for registrations that you can either manually or automatically approve, or for scheduled webinars without registration
  • Practice session room for panelist prep
  • Join through browser
  • One-click HD screen sharing
  • Dual screen support to show panelists and presentation at same time
  • Mute/unmute panelists
  • Whiteboard for panelists
  • Annotation for panelists
  • Virtual backgrounds for panelists
  • Transcription – transcription report provided post event
  • Live transcription – during event transcription in sync with dialogue
  • Promote attendee to panelist giving them audio and video capabilities
  • Polling
  • Attendee raise hand
  • Q&A dialog box with live or text answers and question up-voting
  • Participant and attendee chat
  • Lead source tracking
  • Post webinar survey link
  • Record locally or in the cloud in MP4 or M4A format
  • Reporting on registrations, attendance, polling, Q&A, and performance
  • Integrations to work with your CRM and marketing systems

Q: What other services does Zoom Video Webinars integrate with?

A: For marketing / process automation for webinars, Zoom works with Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot and Salesforce to automate emails, registrations and lead capturing. Zoom also works with Zapier which allows Zoom to integrate with apps including PayPal, Eventbrite, MailChimp and 500+ other services. Review the full list of Zoom integration partners.

Q: How easy is it to set up?

A: Setting up Zoom Video Webinars is simple. It only takes minutes to set up and requires no training. You can add your brand to the registration, and customize your emails for each Webinar, and immediately begin scheduling and hosting Webinars.

Q: How do I manage registrations?

A: Zoom Video Webinars offers a lot of flexibility for handling registrations. There are three options for managing registrations. First, you can select registration not required, your invitees will be given a URL to join the Webinar and will simply have to enter their name and email to join. Second, you can select to automatically approve anyone who has registered for the Webinar, and Zoom provides them a confirmation email. Third, you may manually approve attendees before Zoom sends out a confirmation email.

When setting up your event’s registration, you can add your brand identity to the registration page and the emails that get sent out. Zoom also makes it easy to add demographic fields and customized open ended or multiple choice questions to the registration page.

Zoom Video Webinars integrate with many leading CRM systems allowing you to generate leads from participants that joined a Zoom Webinar, or push information captured on your CRM system to a Zoom Webinar.

Q: Is it easy for attendees to join?

A: Attending a Zoom Webinar is as straightforward as clicking on a link. Webinar attendees do not need their own Zoom account to join a Webinar. You can join through a browser or the Zoom client from any desktop, laptop, mobile device, or Zoom Room. People joining from H.323/SIP systems join as panelists by default.

Q: What reporting options are available?

A: There are registration and attendee reports to help you track leads and segment for follow- up communications. Performance reports display engagement statistics on registration, attendance and feedback. Reports that capture the Webinar’s Q&A and polling are also available. All reports are downloaded as csv files.

Q: Are Zoom Video Webinars secure?

A: Zoom places security as the highest priority in the operations of its public and hybrid cloud networks. Zoom has a robust set of security features to meet the requirements for safe and secure collaboration. The Zoom Cloud is a proprietary global network that has been built from the ground up to provide quality communication experiences. In addition to unique security benefits, Zoom’s communications infrastructure also enables an extremely scalable and highly available meeting infrastructure unrestricted by the limitations of physical data centers. Zoom incorporates industry-standard security features, such as AES 256-bit encryption to ensure that login information and webinar data is secure. Customers in security-conscious industries, such as healthcare can use Zoom as it can enable Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance (HIPAA). A Zoom Video Webinar may also be locked to prevent additional attendees from joining any time. Read Zoom’s Security Guide for more details.

Q: Is there an on-premise option?

A: Yes, you can use Zoom’s hybrid cloud service – known as the Zoom Meeting Connector – to deploy meeting communication servers within your company’s internal network. User and meeting metadata are managed in the public cloud while the Webinar is hosted in your private cloud. All webinar traffic including video, voice, and content sharing goes through the on-premise Zoom Meeting Connector. Zoom Meeting Controller can be deployed onto any virtualization platform. Talk to a sales person to learn more.

Q: What are the system requirements for running Zoom Video Webinars?

A: System requirements for Mac & PC System requirements for mobile devices

Q: What is the difference between Zoom Large Meetings and Zoom Video Webinars?

A: All Zoom meetings allow for 100 interactive video participants. Zoom Large Meetings are available in packages for 500 or 1.000 participants. The Large Meetings have all of the same features of Zoom’s regular meetings, just with more video participants. This is a popular choice for large all-hands meetings or training sessions. Anyone on these meetings can participate in audio, video, screen sharing, breakout sessions and recording Large Meetings with Breakout Rooms are particularly effective for larger groups that want to have small, engaging and interactive sessions and then ‘get back together’ as a larger group Large Meetings with Breakout Rooms are particularly effective for larger groups that want to have small, engaging and interactive sessions and then ‘get back together’ as a larger group.

Zoom Video Webinars come in increments of 100, 500, 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, or 10,000 view-only attendees. All Zoom Video Webinars allow for up to 100 video panelists. The features in Webinar are tailored for managing large audiences with branding, registration, host controls, polls, question & answer, raise hand, and chat. During the webinar you can momentarily promote any attendee to be a panelist so they can turn on their audio and video.

Webinar allows you to brand your webinar and email settings, manage registrations, and view 5 types of reporting (csv files for registration, attendee, performance, Q&A, polls). Webinars also have a practice session mode allowing all panelists and the host to get comfortable with their audio, video, and Zoom controls before the webinar viewers are able to join.

Q: How much do Zoom Video Webinars cost and how do I buy?

A: Zoom Video Webinars come in different sizes depending on the number of attendees you’re planning on hosting. Flat rate pricing means you can conduct as many webinars as you want, so you can make the most of your investment. There are options for monthly or annual pricing; if you prepay annually you’ll save 17%.

Webinar # of Attendees 100 500 1,000 3,000 5,000 10,000
Monthly $40 $140 $340 $990 $2490 $6490
Annually $400 $1400 $3400 $9900 $24900 $64900
Monthly Prepaid Annually $33.33 $116.67 $283.33 $825 $2075 $5408.33

You can buy a single Zoom Video Webinar online as an add-on to your Zoom Video Meeting Pro or Business purchase at the Zoom website.

Zoom enterprise customers can subscribe to multiple Zoom Video Webinar seats by contacting their sales representative or by calling 1.888.799.9666.

Q: Are Zoom Video Webinars available worldwide?

A: Yes. Zoom has data centers on several different continents to ensure a quality experience globally. As long as you have a decent internet connection, you can participate in, or attend a Webinar from anywhere. Zoom offers unlimited VoIP from any internet connection, and global dial-in (toll applies) for 55 countries. You can also subscribe to Premium Audio for toll-free call from 120+ countries.

Q: How can I purchase toll-free audio minutes?

A: Zoom offers unlimited VoIP from any internet connection and unlimited use of local toll dial-in numbers in 55 countries. You can also subscribe to Premium Audio rates for toll-free and fee based toll calling for 120+ countries. Visit the Expanded Audio for Meetings page for more information.

Q: How can I learn more?

A: Visit our knowledge base on Video Webinars.

Attend a webinar about webinars.

Or attend a live training event.

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