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How can we help?

Request a consultation or training about your classroom or classroom technology.

Need an HDMI cable or adapter? Please visit Alumni Hall B10.

For questions about connecting to classroom technology, please call 412-648-7240.

Classroom Services empowers faculty, students, and staff by providing technology, training, and support for a variety of learning spaces and projects. We handle the technical elements of active learning environments so that faculty & students can focus on teaching and learning. We specialize in providing video conferencing for hybrid classes and lecture capture recordings to support asynchronous learning. To secure these services, please click the “Technical Services” button below to reach our request form.

Most of Pitt’s general-purpose classrooms are equipped with a large monitor or projector to display instructors’ laptop screens and are paired with sound amplification for program audio from the laptop. In addition, large lecture halls have voice amplification for instructors. Rooms scheduled and controlled by professional schools, academic departments, and regional campuses may vary from this standard. For consultation on installed room technologies, instructors should check with their departmental technology support staff (for rooms controlled by schools/departments) or contact Classroom Services (for general purpose classrooms).

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