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The Provost’s Award for Diversity in the Curriculum formally recognizes the efforts of faculty to integrate diversity and inclusion into their courses and curriculum. Learn more, apply for the award or nominate a colleague on our Diversity in the Curriculum page.

The Teaching Center’s Open Lab and the University Library System (ULS) will collaborate on a number of workshops this fall in Hillman Library’s Digital Scholarship Commons. Interactive workshops on 360-video and 3D printing will focus on best practices for utilizing each technology, as well as hands-on work with Open Lab equipment. Registration is required.

Open Lab @ Hillman
Workshops Announced

We hosted the Teaching Partners Open Social last Friday, and faculty got a chance to explore the pedagogical and technological possibilities of virtual reality, 3D printing, foldscopes and 360-degree video with Teaching Center staff.

Teaching Partners
Open Social

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Experiences from the ID2ID Program

The ID2ID Program is a cross-institutional professional development program for Instructional Designers (ID) open to educational technologists, multimedia specialists, programmers, and production specialists in higher education settings. This joint initiative between Penn State University and Educause launched its first cohort…

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The myth of multitasking

Yes, cellphones and laptops do affect students’ grades, and no, students can’t multitask as well as they say they can. Arnold Glass, a psychology professor at Rutgers University at New Brunswick, and Mengxue Kang, a graduate student, recently published a study in Educational Psychology that…

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