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Synchronous Video Tools: All About Zoom

Synchronous Video Tools: All About Zoom

Zoom is Pitt’s enterprise web conferencing solution. It can be used to hold synchronous classes and meeting, virtual office hours, and create recordings of these events for later viewing asynchronously. Zoom is supported by Pitt IT and is integrated with Canvas or can be used stand-alone.

At this time, Sponsored accounts do not have access to full license features. Talk to Pitt IT if you have a Sponsored Pitt account and would like to have full Zoom features.

Getting Started with Zoom

Hosting and Attending Zoom Meetings

  • Zoom Use Cases: How to use Zoom to conduct virtual office hours, one-on-one meetings, student and group presentations, and presentations where you need to “write” on the screen.
  • Zoom Rooms: Learn how to use the Zoom Rooms systems that exist in some classrooms across the Pittsburgh campus.
  • Zoom Host Features: When you schedule a Zoom meeting, you are the host. Meeting hosts have several tools available to them to help conduct a smooth and productive session.
  • Using Zoom for Students: Feel free to give this link out to help students get started using Zoom

Zoom Security Best Practices

  • Zoom Security: “Zoom Bombing” is the practice of unwanted guests intruding on video meetings for malicious purposes. This article covers methods you can use to prevent Zoom Bombing, or to respond to it if it happens during your meeting.

See also: Zoom Video Webinars FAQ

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