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Zoom Meeting Recordings Stored in Panopto

Zoom Meeting Recordings Stored in Panopto

As of December 2020, recorded Zoom meetings are stored in Panopto, the university’s video storage and streaming solution. If you’ve recorded your Zoom meeting, the recording will automatically be transferred to Panopto for storage, and then deleted out of the Zoom Cloud. You can then edit, use and share these recordings in a number of ways, both in and outside of your Canvas courses.

Where in Panopto your meeting recording will be placed depends on how the meeting was initially scheduled, and is covered in our graphic below. For more detailed information, please see this article from Pitt IT about the Zoom-Panopto integration.

Where do my Zoom meetings go infographic. Full details follow.

Where Do My Zoom Recordings Go?

If your meeting was scheduled using:

  1. Your Zoom desktop client
  2. The website
  3. The Zoom Canvas integration but the Panopto Video integration is not configured for the Canvas course

Then your meeting recording will be in your personal Panopto “My Folder” in a subfolder labeled “Meeting Recordings.”

If your meeting was scheduled using The Zoom Canvas integration and the Panopto Video integration is configured for the Canvas course then your meeting recording will be in the Course Folder in Panopto for the course it is associated with.

Best Practices for Sharing Zoom Recordings with Students

  1. Add Zoom and Panopto menu links to your Canvas course menu by going to your Course Settings and then Navigation.
  2. Provision your Panopto Video integration by clicking on the link in your course menu.
  3. Schedule your Zoom meetings using the Zoom menu link in Canvas.
  4. Find all your meeting recordings using the Panopto Video menu link in Canvas.

More information about how to use Panopto and Zoom with Canvas:

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