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The Teaching Center’s media producers can assist you with a variety of multimedia needs. From professional studio recordings to on-location productions, from academic event support to DIY lecture capture, we can assist you with a variety of digital media resources to enhance your teaching practices.

Audio/Visual Support for Academic Events

Academic Digital Media - Screenshot of Chancellor Patrick Gallagher during a Zoom webinarAcademic Digital Media/Event Support provides professional audiovisual services for academic activities [such as meetings, conferences, workshops, etc.] that support teaching and learning activities at the University of Pittsburgh. During the 2020-21 academic year, our services will vary based on the University’s risk posture (Guarded, Elevated, or High).

To request support for an upcoming academic event, please complete the event support request form.

All event support requests will be evaluated to determine our ability to meet your needs. For events that we are able to support, our media producers are prepared to provide a complete range of services including sound reinforcement, large screen presentation projection, audio and video recording and web conferencing. We can assist you in planning and coordinating the technical aspects of your program, as well as provide on-site support for your academic events.

Note that all video recording and livestreaming requests will be reviewed prior to a service commitment being made. We reserve the right to decline a service request.

Service Fees

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. • $65/hour
Monday – Friday, before 8:30 a.m. and after 5 p.m. • $80/hour
Weekends • $95/hour

Equipment Fees

Amplifier • $35
Audio Recorder – Digital • $10
Automixer – 8 Channel • $50
Automixer – 16 Channel • $75
Camcorder • $50
Compact Disk Player • $5
DVD Player – All-Region • $15
Equipment Stand • $5
Extension Cord • $2
Hot Box • $10
Laptop • $50
MacBook • $50
Microphone – PZM • $10
Microphone – Wired • $10
Microphone – Wireless Handheld • $10
Microphone – Wireless Lavalier • $10
Microphone Mixer • $10
Microphone Rack – Wireless • $35

Microphone Stand – Floor • No Charge
Microphone Stand – Table • No Charge
Mixer, Live Sound, 12 Channel • $50
Monitor, Color, 32″ • $15
Mult. Box • $75
Power Strip • $2
Presentation Remote • No Charge
Projector • $100
Screen, Projection • $40
Screen, Tripod • $20
Screen Dress Kit • $40
Sound Port • $5
Speaker • $20
Teleconferencing System • $20
VGA Switcher • $5
Video Scaler • $50
Video Switcher Rack • $125
XLR Snake • $20

If you have questions about Event Support, contact us at 412-648-7220 or

Instructional videos created
for a Pitt course since Fall 2019
Views of our Teaching Center
video series
Guests that attended an event enhanced by digital media A/V support since 2019
Professional Studio or On-Location Video Production

Recording studio interview with faculty and student

Our media production team provides a professional in-house video production team, employing high-quality video cameras, studio, audio booth, and editing equipment. Our video producers have years of experience in instructional and broadcast video production. During the 2020-21 academic year, our services will vary based on the University’s risk posture (Guarded, Elevated, or High).

To submit a media production request, please complete the media production form.

All media production requests will be evaluated to determine our ability to meet your needs. For media production projects that we are able to support, our media producers will help you with video consulting, planning, and production in support of the academic and educational needs of the University.

Media Production charges $95 per hour. We will work with you to create a service level agreement before the project begins that establishes production activities, projected costs, timelines, and deadlines.

Click the playlist toggle menu in upper right of video player to select examples of our work.

If you have questions about Event Support, contact us at 412-648-7220 or

Classroom Recordings and Lecture Capture

Academic Digital Media - Classroom lecture recording header showing staff recording a classroom lecture.

Media specialists can capture your classroom lecture in a variety of ways, using a variety of technologies. We will match your lecture capture requirements to the most appropriate technology, in order to provide you with a copy of the media that you can archive and use as desired. For more information, visit our Classroom Video Services page.

There are plenty of do-it-yourself video technologies available online. The University’s main video recording service is My Pitt Video, powered by Panopto. Our instructional technologists can help you with screen capture, hosting and online streaming while using this tool. We can provide additional expertise for video and audio editing using such tools as iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Audacity. You can learn more about these services and more at the Technology Training.

Media Creation Lab

Media Creation Lab technician demonstrating equipment to instructor.

The Teaching Center’s Media Creation Lab is a broadcast-grade digital media studio designed for the development of a wide range of multimedia content. Our mission is to provide the training and equipment necessary for instructors and staff to produce their own innovative and effective teaching and learning resources. Visit the Media Creation Lab page to learn more.

Creating DIY Introduction Videos

Best practice in online and remote/synchronous course design includes the development of an Instructor Introduction Video that humanizes you, making you more than just a disembodied voice on Zoom.  Having the chance to meet you as a person, even digitally, helps students to forge personal connections with you early in the semester or even before the term, thus enhancing student engagement and improving learning outcomes. Learn more on our Creating Introduction Videos page.

Subject in video shown 2 feet from camera

2 feet away

Subject in video shown 6 feet from camera

6 feet away

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