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The New Teaching Assistant Orientation (NTAO) will introduce new teaching assistants (TAs) at the University of Pittsburgh to their roles and responsibilities as TAs and provide them with training in skills to help fulfill those roles. In addition to usual programming, the 2020 NTAO will cover topics related to teaching in the Flex@Pitt model.

The New Teaching Assistant Orientation (NTAO) will be in a modified format which will consist of a combination of remote synchronous (live) and asynchronous sessions. The live, virtual Welcome Session will be held Friday, August 14 at noon-2 p.m. Additional asynchronous sessions, administered through the Canvas learning management system, will include “Role of the TA,” “Getting Started in the Classroom,” “Dealing with Difficult Situations,” and “Preventing and Monitoring Cheating and Plagiarism.” New TAs may complete these modules between August 10-16

Teaching assistants are encouraged to attend other Teaching Center workshops (e.g. “Introduction to Canvas,” “Canvas for Remote Instruction,” “Incorporating Active Learning into Remote Lectures,” “Instructional Multimedia: Panopto, “Zoom for Remote Instruction”). These are available in both synchronous and asynchronous formats.

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