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Zoom for Students

Zoom for Students

*Note: Are you experiencing permission errors when trying to log in to Zoom or videos/meetings not having up-to date information? Try these troubleshooting tips on our Browser Support page.

1. Configure Your Account

Configure your account by visiting and Sign In with your Pitt credentials.

To set up your profile picture, follow these steps.

2. Join a Meeting Through Canvas

In your Canvas course, find the Zoom link on the course navigation menu (1). Find the meeting you would like to attend and click the Join button (2).

Screenshot of zoom in canvas integration

A tab will open in your browser to launch the Zoom software on your computer and you will automatically be prompted to join the meeting.

Note: If you have not downloaded the software already, it will automatically start the download and you can follow the prompts to install the software and start the meeting. You can also click the link on the launching screen to start from your browser.

Screenshot of zoom launching screen

3. Zoom Features

Screenshot of zoom features numbered 1-14 highlighted in red rectangles

1. Your video capture: If your video is turned off, your name will appear in its place. If your mic is muted, the muted microphone icon appears in the lower left-hand corner.

2. Mute/Unmute microphone button

3. Additional audio settings: If you are unsure which audio settings to choose from and are experiencing audio issues, choose Same as System (shown by red arrows).

4. Start/Stop Video capture: If you do not have Share Screen enabled, this will turn on/off your webcam. For more video settings, go to “Audio Settings…”

5. View Participants window: You will not be able to do this if the host has not enabled Participants to share their screens.

7. View Chat Window: Note: Participants cannot see chat history before they enter the meeting.

8. Enter a Breakout Room if the host has created them and assigned people into rooms.

9. Toggle Gallery/Speaker View: Gallery view shows all participants windows. Speaker view shows whoever is speaking at the time.

10. Participant Window: You will appear at the top of the participant list followed by the (Co-)Hosts. The rest of the participants will be listed in alphabetical order and meeting icons (11) will show up to the right of their names.

11. Participant Meeting Icons: If someone clicks on an icon (for example “Raise Hand”) they are moved to the top of the participants list (but still show below the host).

12. Chat Recipient: Click this to produce a drop down list of people you can send messages to. You can also send messages privately (if the host has enabled these features).13. Upload a file to chat for participant download

14. Save Chat: Automatically saves the chat to your zoom folder on your computer.

Breakout Rooms

You can either go into the Breakout Rooms yourself or Join a Breakout Room if a host invites you to join.

Screenshot of join breakout room popup window

Breakout Room features are fairly similar to regular meeting rooms, with a few key differences. The Ask for Help button (1) will prompt a popup window to appear to invite the Host to your breakout room. The host will get a popup window that you have asked for assistance and invites them to Join your breakout room. Hosts can broadcast messages (2) to everyone in Breakout Rooms and their messages will appear in the top right corner of the video window. When you click Leave Breakout Room (3) you are prompted to choose whether to “Leave all Meetings” or to return to your regular session.

Screenshot of zoom window within a breakout room with features 1-3 highlighted in red rectangles

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