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Asian Americans protesting racism.

Teaching Center Update for June 11, 2021

Anti-Asian Racism, An Exploratory Conversation
Register to attend the final workshop of the 2021 Provost's Diversity Institute for Faculty Development: Anti-Asian Racism, An Exploratory Conversation on June 17. This session is designed to facilitate an initial dialogue to better understand the challenges facing our Asian and Asian American colleagues and students, and to explore ways to address and eliminate anti-Asian racism at the University of Pittsburgh. Learn more about the Diversity Institute.

Teaching Center Newsletter - Pride Month LGBTQIA+

Teaching Center Update for June 4, 2021

LGBTQIA+ Teaching Resources
Happy Pride Month from the University Center for Teaching and Learning! Throughout June, celebrate with us by exploring new LGBTQIA+ resources and transforming your teaching and learning practices with an eye towards embracing diversity. Also, registration is now open for a new workshop on June 30LGBTQIA+ Inclusion in Course Content and Interactions. Whether you’re hoping to gain basic knowledge and techniques for supporting LGBTQIA+ students, or you’d like to incorporate dynamic theorizations of gender and sexuality throughout your course materials, we are here to help you bring Pride into your classroom.

Screenshot of YouTube video for how to use OMET surveys

Teaching Center Update for May 28, 2021

Request Your Summer Midterm Course Surveys
Faculty may now request summer midterm course surveyswith a deadline of June 17 to submit a request. Collecting student feedback early in the term can help identify opportunities to make changes that have a positive impact on the remainder of the term, which makes the midterm course survey option a great opportunity to do research on your own course. Faculty may request a midterm course survey through the teaching survey dashboard. Additionally, Pitt faculty talked to us recently about:

To learn more about midterm course surveys, visit our midterm course survey web page.

Students using immersive technology in a classroom

Teaching Center Update for May 21, 2021

Survey: The Future of Immersive Media
Faculty and staff from across the University are working to map out the future of immersive media in research, education, instructional design, and IT support, through investigating technologies such as mixed reality, virtual reality, 360 video, and digital games. Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey to assist with this project. Responses will help identify needs and opportunities to leverage these technologies in research and teaching.

Students working on laptops in a nationality room in the cathedral of Learning

Teaching Center Update for May 14, 2021

New Canvas Tools, Webinars on Annotation Assignments
Canvas now offers a new tool: Student annotation assignments allow teachers to post template documents as an assignment and collect marked-up versions of those documents as a student submission without leaving Canvas. Join us for this short 20-minute webinar focusing on this new feature. Registration is currently open for two mini webinars:

Provost's Diversity Institute for Faculty Development header

Special Edition: Additional Sessions Announced: Provost’s Diversity Institute for Faculty Development

The 2021 Provost’s Diversity Institute for Faculty Development features eight workshops that run through June 4, including the opening session on May 10 on Inclusive Teaching and Why It Matters. The full agenda:

  • May 11: Positioned to Listen
  • May 17: Supporting African American College Student Success
  • May 18: Supporting Transgender and Nonbinary Students
  • May 20: Political Diversity in the Classroom
  • May 25: Teaching Inclusively
  • May 27: Anti-Blackness, Anti-Racism, and Pedagogy
  • June 4: Pittsburgh's Deplorable Black Living Conditions

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