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Classroom exam scanning and scoring cover sheet

  • Please complete the Scanning and Scoring request form before dropping off your exams. The information on this page is needed to process the answer key(s) and form(s) correctly.

Make-up exam request form

  • Please complete the make-up exam request form for your student(s) that missed an exam because of an unforeseen medical or family emergency. Note: This service is not to be used for other reasons such as job interviews, vacations, sporting events, or any other reason other than a genuine medical or family emergency.

CLEP/MAT testing appointments

  • Complete the CLEP/MAT request form to schedule an exam and take note of the special conditions regarding no shows and cancellations. We do not offer these exams from October 1 – April 30.

For Pitt students testing off-campus

  • If you are a Pitt student completing a test off-campus, complete the testing site selection form to request a proctor at a pre-approved proctoring location. If none of the pre-approved proctors on this form work for you, we would appreciate your help in identifying a potential location in your area (testing center, college campus, library, etc.) and provide their contact information on this form. It is helpful if you can confirm in advance that the selected location offers proctored testing services.

For non-Pitt testers that need to be proctored

  • If you must complete a proctored exam for another college, university, or professional accreditation program, complete the testing services request form. Note that testing services are not available for external testers during Pitt finals weeks.
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