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The UPTC provides classroom exam scoring analyses of multiple choice exams given in University of Pittsburgh courses. Pitt uses the Apperson DataLink Scanning System for exam processing and results are delivered within 24 hours of drop-off (excluding weekends). Please watch the following tutorial on the process for dropping off exams at the Ground Floor, G33 Cathedral of Learning.

* To drop off exams for scoring, you must have the following:

  • Completed Scanning Request Form Cover Sheet
  • Completed Key on top of all student answer sheets.
  • Ability/knowledge to complete a short electronic form with exam information upon arrival, which gives the exam a Job #, electronic timestamp, and alerts staff that the exam has been dropped off.
  • This service is not to be used for departmental teaching evaluations. The Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching (OMET) is in place to assist with teaching evaluations.
  • Ability/knowledge of any students testing with accommodations in the Testing Center. If you wish for these answer sheets to be combined with the class, they must be picked up prior to dropping off exams for scanning and scoring.
  • Remind students to bubble in their PeopleSoft numbers and write their names on their answer sheets. *Scores will not be paired with student names if they do not bubble in their PeopleSoft number.*
  • A separate, new key must be provided with each scanning request unless a key has been previously saved. In this case, you must provide the name and date of the key to be used.
  • *All exams will be kept on site for one month, then they will be stored off-site for one year.* After one year, the exams are destroyed in accordance with the University’s General Records Retention Schedule.
  • If you feel there are discrepancies on the results, you are welcome to visit our office to review the sheets. Once the exams are moved off site, we’ll request that they be returned and will contact you when they’re available for review.
  • Tests can be rescored without rescanning the student answer sheets. *Simply reply to the results email with the subject reading “rescore”.* Turn-around is based on the time the e-mail rescore request is received by the UPTC staff.
  • Each scan produces summary statistics and item analysis data.
  • Faculty, staff, and students involved in survey research can also utilize the answer sheets and optical scanning services.
  • *The UPTC will not return exams via mail or courier service.*

Our scanning service will produce the most accurate reporting possible but we highly encourage faculty to review the results carefully, just to ensure that no errors occurred. It is ultimately the responsibility of the instructor to check for accuracy on any report issued by UPTC before submitting student grades. If you have questions please email or call 412-624-7215.

Additional details about the scanning and scoring service.

  1. Collect and Organize your Student Exam forms
    Once you’ve collected your exams in class, arrange them in a pile facing the same direction. If you have multiple versions of an exam, arrange them in separate piles according to their version. Each version will require an answer key.
  2. Create an Answer Key
    To create an answer key, complete a scoring form with the correct answers, and bubble the “Key” field at the top of the form. Place your answer key on top of your pile of corresponding student forms, making sure to include information about the exam and the key in the spaces provided (Ex: CHEM 0500 Exam 2 Version B).
  3. Bundle Versions Separately
    If you have multiple versions of an exam, use a rubber band or paper clip to bundle each version so that they remain separate. All versions of one test should be included in the same scanning job, however, it is important to keep versions separate in some way. If there is only one version of the exam, it is still preferred that the exam forms are banded together.
  4. Scanning Request Form
    Next, you will complete a  Scanning Request Form, in which you will include critical information to complete your scan correctly. Print this page and place it on top of your stack of exams. This will act as a sort of cover sheet to identify your scanning job among others. The scanning request form is also available in the UPTC.
  5. Delivery and Drop-off Form
    Now you’re ready to deliver your exams to the University of Pittsburgh Testing Center and complete the Classroom Exam Drop-off Form!

If your students are taking exams in the Testing Center with accommodations, you can retrieve their scoring forms and add them to the class batch. To do this:

  1. Wait until all students with accommodations are finished testing before dropping off the class’ scoring forms.
  2. Upon arrival at the Testing Center, please request to pick up the DRS students’ exams from the Testing Center staff prior to dropping off the class batch.
  3. Add the scoring forms to the rest of the class batch, then proceed with dropping off the class scoring forms for grading.

The Scanning Request Form gives the UPTC specific information about your exam, offers a space for your comments, and acts as a cover sheet for your scanning job.

The Classroom Exam Drop-off Form is located on an iPad above the exam drop-box in the Testing Center. The completion of this electronic form generates a confirmation email that will be sent to the address that you provide on the form. This confirmation email acts as a time stamp of your drop-off and beginning of the 24 hour turnaround period. Your scanning job number will be included in the confirmation email. On this form, you will also be asked to include the number of versions in your exam, and, if you have students taking the exam in the UPTC with DRS accommodations whose exam forms you wish to be combined with this scanning job. COMPLETION OF THIS FORM IS VERY IMPORTANT.

A completed student answer key will have the following elements coded on the bubble form:

  • The student’s name
  • The 7-digit PeopleSoft ID number (it’s VERY important that this section is filled out completely and correctly).
  • Dark and complete marks in the answer fields, clearly indicating the selected response.
  • Changed answered must be erased completely.
  • No stray marks anywhere on the form.

Sample: Student answer form

Before you drop off your exams at the UPTC, please make sure:

  • That all exams are completed with a #2 pencil.
  • Sheets in each group are all the same color form.
  • None of the bubble forms have stray marks on the left side or top, where the timing marks are (this will effect scoring).
  • Erasures must be as complete and clean as possible.
  • All exams are facing the same direction and are neatly stacked.

Answer Key

  • If your scan job requires an answer key, please darken in the answer key on top of the form with a #2 pencil.
  • Place the key on top of the students’ answer sheets.
  • If the Key has been saved by UPTC, provide the Key Name and date on the Scanning Request Form.
  • Exams must be scan ready when being dropped off at the UPTC.
  • If scanning multiple groups, make sure to separate the groups and to have a key and request form for each group.
  • Do NOT include a hard copy of the actual paper test.

In order to produce accurate reporting, students must fill in their 7-digit PeopleSoft number completely and correctly in the Student ID number grid. The optical scanner can only read what is coded in the bubbles. Forms without properly recorded PeopleSoft number will be graded and included in the report without a name to identify the student. Please ask students to fill out their PeopleSoft number entirely. Students can easily access their PeopleSoft number through the My Pitt Portal ahead of time. We also recommend that students write their names and any other identifying information (like the instructor name, course name or section) on the form. If students need assistance finding their PeopleSoft ID, the Registrar’s Office can assist

When students do not complete the 7-digit PeopleSoft number, this causes a delay to the turnaround of your scanning job. We’ll contact you to let you know that students haven’t completed the forms correctly, and the 24-hour turnaround resets when the correct information has been received. Additionally, even if scored, the student’s name will not appear on the Class Roster report. Please remind students at the time of the exam that they must fill in their 7-digit PeopleSoft number completely and correctly in the Student ID number grid.

Blank exam form sheets are available for pick up at the UPTC: Ground Floor, G-33 Cathedral of Learning.

The UPTC has three different types of bubble sheets available for distribution:

Form B2114 (Blue) Form B2115 (Gold) Form B2122 (Red)
150 items 75 items 100 items
5 responses per item 10 responses per item 5 responses per item
5-point scale items 10-point scale items 5-point scale items
Merged Item Analysis Merged Item Analysis Verify Option
Rescore possible Rescore possible Rescore possible

Sample: Bubble Sheets

If you want to Verify the answers on a student’s answer key, you must use the Red form ONLY.

  • If the Verify bubble is filled in, the correct answer will appear next to any incorrect answer.
  • If the Verify bubble is left blank, a red dash will appear next to any incorrect answer.

Important Note: The Verify option is NOT available on the Blue or Gold form.

By request only, it is possible for tests to be rescored without rescanning the original student answer keys. To request rescoring or if you have questions about this procedure, contact us at and type “Rescore” in the subject line. Please include the question number(s) and the correct answer. Changes will be reflected on the reports. The 24-hour turn-around is based upon the time the e-mail request, pending weekends or holiday observances.

Staff at the Testing Center:

  • will not adjust, delete, or modify in any way the information on an instructor or student answer key.
  • are not permitted for any reason to place marks (i.e. add, change, or erase) on scanner forms.
  • secure all examinations in a locked area of the Testing Center for 28 days.
  • will only give exams to the faculty of record or a representative of the faculty of record for any course. The scanning job is required at the time of pick up. Please notify the Testing Center in advance if you are sending a representative to pick up exams.

All reports and raw data will be sent electronically to the e-mail address provided on the Scanning Request Form. By default, the Datalink scanning program assigns one correct answer per item.  If credit is wanted for an “Either/Or” answer or for a question with two or more correct responses, please note this on the Scanning Request Form, in the Special Instructions section of the form. You will receive several reports once your exams are processed:

  • Test Results: PDF form that provides an individual report of each student’s response for each item with the corresponding correct answer, the total possible points, the student’s score and percentage correct, the class average, and the highest and lowest scores.
  • Item Analysis: PDF form that provides frequency counts and percentages for each response for all test items, point by serial correlation (index of item discrimination), and frequency count and percentage correct for each test item along with percentage incorrect.  Click Item Analysis Definitions for a full list of terms . This report is included in the excel Full Report on a separate tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  • Excel Spreadsheet:You will also receive the an Excel spreadsheet that contains the following reports:
    • Results Grid (Raw Data)
    • Class Roster
    • Item Analysis
    • Detailed Item Analysis

If you have questions about the results or would like to review the originals, feel free to visit the UPTC during normal business hours.

The Testing Center will deliver the results of your classroom exams via email within 24 hours of your drop-off, barring weekends or holiday observances. The exact turnaround time for a scan depends on the number of forms and on the number of scan jobs in the queue. Course-related tests take precedence over other jobs.

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