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Students registered through the Office of Disability Resources and Services can request to take exams with accommodations. The proctored environment in the Testing Center offers an alternative to classroom space, typically (but not restricted to) offering students extra time on exams in accordance with their accommodations. Students registered through DRS can refer to Alternative Testing Accommodations for more information.

Important notes for instructors about DRS exams at the Testing Center

On the Information for Instructors page, class instructors will find helpful information including:

Important notes for students about DRS exams at the Testing Center

  • Pay close attention to your start time.Students will not be admitted to the Testing Center 30 minutes after their scheduled start time. Students arriving late (before the 30 minute mark) will not have extra time added to their exams.
  • Pay close attention to your end time.All exams must be finished ten minutes before the Testing Center’s posted closing hours. This is regardless of when the class is taking the exam. The Testing Center will not remain open past its closing hours for students to finish exams. Any changes to hours will be posted on our website; please check a week before your exam for any changes.
  • All work stations in the Testing Center are digitally monitored. This is to preserve academic integrity. If university faculty or staff have any questions about your behavior during an exam, the Testing Center will review and share the video-recording of your test session.
  • Be aware of your testing request deadlines. Students with alternative testing accommodations have the responsibility to submit an alternative testing request in advance (at least three business days in advance for exams held during the academic term and at least seven business days in advance for exams held during finals week) in order to take the exam with accommodations in the University Testing Center.
  • Questions? Contact DRS at (412) 648-7890,, or your disability specialist, directly.
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