Working the online crowd: Humor and teaching with tech

Subject: Never run with nitroglycerin or a bucket of camel snot.

Well, you could, but it would be your funeral.

But seriously, using humorous subject lines just might be a way to engage students being taught with technology; more specifically, students in online courses. Humor doesn’t always mean jokes that start, “A priest, mountain goat and ballerina enter a bar.” It can be a subtle way of looking for a student’s funny bone and tickling it enough to spark motivation to finish a course.

I teach for Western Governors University as a faculty member in the IT College. Technical Writing and Capstone courses are my specialty. It’s an excellent gig: fantastic students with professional backgrounds working hard to earn degrees while life circles the wagons. Everything is online. It’s a totally new experience for me, having spent the rest of my 30-plus years of higher education in brick-and-mortar settings.

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