One-stop shopping for (free) virtual reality content

Drexel University wants its instructors to take full advantage of virtual and augmented reality technology in their classrooms. The Philadelphia institution’s new repository of VR and AR content aims to make that easier than ever.

The online database, unveiled last month and set to be distributed this fall among Drexel instructors in the institution’s Blackboard interface, includes more than 250,000 “artifacts” — VR and AR images, 3-D objects, 360-degree panoramas — that can be used across a wide range of disciplines. Instructors can use search terms like “heart diagram” or “skeleton” to find and download the images they want to use in their courses, both face-to-face and online.

The repository’s name looks strange on paper but rolls off the tongue: VRtifacts.

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 For more information on using technologies in your classes, contact the University Center for Teaching and Learning’s Teaching Support unit.