No streaming during class

Purdue University students who were hoping to sneak in an episode of Queer Eye during their economics lecture are out of luck. The university recently debuted a pilot program that restricts access to five popular streaming sites — Netflix, Hulu, Steam, Apple Updates and iTunes — during class time in four of its biggest lecture halls.

The new restrictions are an attempt to free up much-needed bandwidth in four lectures halls located in the Lilly Hall of Life Sciences, the Wetherill Laboratory of Chemistry, the Electrical Engineering Building and the Class of 1950 Lecture Hall.

“We’re faced with rapid increases in traffic demands in our biggest classrooms,” Gerry McCartney, executive vice president and chief information officer at Purdue, said. “These are rooms holding typically hundreds of students, and they’re coming into class with multiple devices. When we look to see the sites those devices are going to, there are some sites without academic connection.”

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 For more information on using technologies in your classes, contact the University Center for Teaching and Learning’s Teaching Support unit.