Mixed reality: A revolutionary breakthrough in teaching and learning

Teaching and learning with technology, prior to this point, was mostly limited to supplementary collaboration tools for communication: learning management systems and electronic texts. The technology was simply an electronic aid to traditional didactic teaching, adding a little modern muscle to the same ways we have taught and learned for decades. We are now entering an era where technology really does the teaching, providing an entirely new mechanism for learning.

In November 2014, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and Cleveland Clinic broke ground on a new Health Education Campus (HEC), a 485,000-square-foot building named the Sheila and Eric Samson Pavilion, to house the university’s schools of dental medicine, nursing, and medicine, including Cleveland Clinic’s track within the medical school, the Lerner College of Medicine. The two institutions created this multischool campus to achieve two goals: to provide students the most advanced learning technology anywhere; and to prepare them to lead in a new era of team-based care. As part of those goals, the partners agreed that the HEC would not house cadaver labs but, instead, would identify new ways to provide anatomy education.

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