When faculty design classrooms of the future

Indiana University’s Mosaic Initiative, a program that supports innovative learning space design, research, and comprehensive support across the institution, regularly brings faculty voices to the design process when creating our active learning classrooms. To give those conversations a formal home, Mosaic recently held the inaugural Mosaic Design Symposium, a day of workshops and brainstorming about the future of IU’s learning spaces.

The event, produced in partnership with the university’s Learning Spaces team, convened 21 Mosaic fellows from across IU’s seven campuses to design classrooms of the future. The Mosaic fellows, who spend an academic year teaching in and exploring other active learning classrooms, were an ideal group to engage in a future-thinking conversation about space.

The symposium was structured to maximize creative thinking, collaboration and sharing. Prior to the event, each fellow was asked to choose a traditional learning space to reimagine: a large lecture hall, a medium-sized classroom, a small classroom or a computer lab (most fellows chose the type of classroom in which they most often teach). The participants’ self-sorting created multi-disciplinary “design teams” that included fellows from different IU campuses. Providing this opportunity for cross-discipline as well as cross-campus collaboration was a major goal of the symposium.

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