Dear Mentors: Help! My semester plan has already fallen apart

Dear Mentors,

It’s my second year on the tenure track, and I was determined to start things right. I created my Semester Plan for my research and writing goals (as you suggested!), but things have gotten so busy that everything seems to be falling through the cracks. I’m already overwhelmed, feel hopelessly behind, and have no idea what I should be focusing on during my daily writing time (if I can even get to it).



Dear Overwhelmed,

Thanks for your honesty. First, let me assure you that many tenure-track faculty members make plans, get overwhelmed and struggle to recover. The purpose of a plan is to elevate the high-priority work that has no built-in daily accountability (research and writing) so that you don’t become overwhelmed by lower priority work that has intense daily accountability (service and research). The hard reality is that your tenure and promotion decision will weigh heavily on your research publications, so it is not a winning strategy to consistently put this work off in order to get everyone else’s needs met.

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