Creative course finder: Learning to drum in a ‘double flipped’ classroom

Institution: McDaniel College, in Maryland

Course: African Drumming, with an unusual setup — described as “double flipped,” by Karen Rege, director for elearning and instructional resources at Harford Community College, in Maryland. Students learn drum patterns from online videos and recorded lectures before coming to class to practice in front of their instructor in person. The “double flipped” portion comes in at the end of the semester, when students use smartphones to capture themselves completing their drumming final exam.

Origins: The new course model was hastily assembled in response to a last-minute change of plans. The professor of the World Drumming class at McDaniel fell ill and needed to be out for the rest of the fall 2016 semester. McDaniel’s music department head, Robin Armstrong, called in a favor from her old friend Rege, whose husband, Pape Demba Samb, is a Senegalese drummer. Samb was willing to fill in for the absent instructor but could only make it to the Maryland campus — two hours from his Delaware home — for a once-weekly 90-minute class, instead of the typical three-hour sessions.

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