Faculty development and the ID2ID program

The role instructional designers (IDs) play in faculty professional development is often murky. Are we faculty developers? How does what we do overlap with the efforts of centers for teaching and learning? Should we be limited to presenting workshops on teaching and learning with technology?

Questions like these highlight one of many gray areas in the role of instructional design. We see ourselves as faculty developers, but this view is not always shared by faculty or others doing similar work. As we strive to be more effective in our roles, IDs have a unique opportunity to dive into the intersection between instructional design and faculty development and to make significant contributions to effective teaching and learning at our institutions.

These two issues, faculty development and instructional design, feature in the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative’s 2018 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning. As part of ID2ID, a new program co-sponsored by ELI and Penn State, we explored how these issues converge to result in stronger faculty development offerings with robust instructional design underpinnings. Our collaboration in the ID2ID program helped us explore exciting and innovative ways of supporting faculty.

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