Students, faculty have contrasting views of classroom technology, ECAR surveys find

Faculty and students vary widely in their impressions of technology’s impact on campus, and their expectations are evolving rapidly, according to research presented last week at the 2017 Educause Annual Conference in Philadelphia.

The latest Educause Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) surveys feature responses from 11,141 faculty members at 131 U.S. institutions and 35,760 students at 110 U.S. institutions.

One obvious contrast between students and faculty is how they get tech support. “It is apparent from the responses that students have a DIY mentality when it comes to tech support,” said D. Christopher Brooks, ECAR’s director of research. “They search the internet or ask friends for help before they think of turning to help desk services on campus.” Faculty members, on the other hand, report seeking institutional help as their first option. “Yet most help desks are geared for student support, and not so much for faculty,” noted Jeffrey Pomerantz, ECAR senior researcher. “A discussion could be had about the service model.”

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