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Our Teaching Support unit’s primary goal is to help make you an even more successful teacher. Most Pitt faculty are already doing an outstanding job of teaching their students, but even great teachers can struggle from time to time to achieve their best results. Teaching difficult concepts that many students regularly wrestle to understand; helping support individual students’ learning; and incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into our curriculum and teaching are challenges that many instructors experience.

Collaborating with teaching consultants in the Teaching Center might help you to conceptualize, design, and implement a new approach. Whether your goal is to update your teaching practice to better engage your students, to get feedback from a teaching observation, or to simply raise your teaching survey scores, we can help.

When you work with us, you’re never required to implement any of our suggestions and your consultations are confidential. We offer recommendations tailored to your needs and interests and informed by research and our own decades of teaching experience.  Click below to begin the easy process of planning a free consultation with a team member selected based on your individual needs. (Graduate students are invited to refer to the Graduate Student Teaching Initiative website.)

consultation consultations customized teaching support

In addition to one-on-one consultations, the Teaching Center offers a variety of collaborative faculty learning experiences:

Teaching Center Workshops

We offer various workshops on a wide variety of educational and pedagogical topics each term. Visit our workshops and events page to learn more, register, or watch on-demand recordings of previous workshops.

Custom Workshops

If your department or team is interested in a customized workshop, whether designed from scratch or adapted from existing material to meet your specific needs, our team can create one to suit your discipline-specific needs.

Faculty Seminars

Faculty seminars deepen and enrich the teaching practice of faculty by focusing on an aspect of their teaching through sustained, cohort-based experiences.

Centers and Initiatives

Center for Diversity in the Curriculum

This center advances equity for members of the Pitt community by working with faculty and TAs to incorporate diversity into their curriculum and inclusive, equitable practices into their teaching.

Center for Mentoring

The Center for Mentoring serves as a central resource to support professional excellence by encouraging growth and development of faculty and graduate/professional students as mentors, scholars, and teachers.

Center for Communication

The Center for Communication serves as a resource for faculty and graduate student teaching assistants (TAs) who want assistance with a variety of communication needs.

Assessment of Teaching Initiative

The Assessment of Teaching Initiative provides support to academic units in planning systemic assessment of teaching and individual faculty members who want to measure and improve their teaching.

Graduate Student Teaching Initiative

Many of the services offered through the Teaching Center are available to graduate and professional students. Please visit the Graduate Student Teaching Initiative for more information.

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