Teaching Green @ Pitt

Tips for Making Your Classroom Sustainable


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  • Put your syllabus in CourseWeb where you can update it as needed. Review the syllabus in class without handing out paper copies. Students can pull the syllabus up on their mobile device.
  • eBooks & More

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  • Use eBooks or websites instead of paper-based textbooks.
  • Encourage students to use digital tools to collaborate. Can they work together using Google Hangouts rather than all driving to a specific location?
  • Energy Savings

  • Turn off the projector when you aren’t using it — especially when you leave the classroom.
  • Shut down computers in your office and classrooms before the weekend and holidays. Turn off the lights, too!
  • Online Assignments

  • Use CourseWeb to collect and grade assignments. You can provide extensive feedback to your students without printing.
  • Also use CourseWeb for tests, which can be scored automatically, generating no waste.
  • Eco-Friendly Responses

  • If you have students complete forms or surveys for your class, create an electronic form or survey within Blackboard, Wufoo, or Survey Monkey. That way you’ll have all the data in digital form without the need to print anything.
  • Real-Time Green Feedback

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  • Have students use a mobile app instead of a “clicker” when you want to use a student response system.
  • If you and your students are charging devices in a classroom, unplug the device once it’s fully charged.