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Teaching Center Information

  • The Teaching Center’s main address is:
    University of Pittsburgh
    University Center for Teaching and Learning
    824 Alumni Hall
    Pittsburgh, PA 15260
  • Our main phone number in the Business Office is 412-624-3335.
  • The Teaching Center’s main email is
  • The Teaching Center website is
  • We have staff located in multiple buildings:
    • Alumni Hall (main entrance: Fifth Avenue), Business Office is on the 8th floor
    • Information Sciences Building (main entrance: Bellefield Avenue)
    • Cathedral of Learning (main entrance: Forbes Avenue)
    • Open Lab @Hillman (main entrance: Bigelow Boulevard)
    • We also manage 211 David Lawrence Hall, a multipurpose classroom equipped with audio/video conferencing
  • We maintain a presence through multiple social media channels:
  • 2021 Annual Report: For a holistic, cumulative look at the Teaching Center’s year, read the Annual Report
  • Slack is our departmental instant messaging tool. This is an instant, easy way to communicate within the department and in some cases, with University colleagues outside of the Teaching Center. It contains multiple chat channels, direct or group messaging options, and file sharing
  • Supplies: Common office supplies (writing implements, tablets, binders, Post-Its, etc.) are typically available in each office building (locations vary). When you need additional supplies or a particular item that is not typically stocked, please make a request via the Purchase Requisition form.
  • Getting around Oakland: The Oakland neighborhood is one of the busiest sections of the city. To assist, the Transportation Office has created a page dedicated to Getting Around On Campus & Off. On this page, you’ll find information about Port Authority of Pittsburgh bus routes (and the Transit agreement that allows for Panther ID badges to act as free passes), buses and shuttle routes, and FAQs.
  • University Parking: University personnel are eligible for a variety of parking and transportation For information on parking, visit Pitt’s Parking home page. Here you’ll find information on signing up for a parking permit, maps, and FAQs.
  • Teaching Center Hospitality Committee: A small group of Teaching Center members comprise the Hospitality Committee, a group that organizes social events and opportunities for the All members are invited to participate in this voluntary group.
  • Teaching Center Branded Templates: You will find PowerPoint (widescreen) and Microsoft Word templates, as well as a copy of the Teaching Center logo for use on assets you are creating (please consult with the Communication and Outreach team for guidelines if you have questions), in a Microsoft Teams folder.
  • The Teaching Center has a full-time program coordinator who manages all center workshops, events, and Provost’s Office-sponsored events. Please visit the Workshops: Event Planning and Management page for detailed information on how we plan and manage workshops and events.

Computer Setup**

In most cases, your computer will be ready for you on your first day of employment with your choice of PC or Mac. Please use your Pitt credentials to log on to your computer and set up your Microsoft Office suite. Dual screens are available upon request. Your supervisor will schedule time for you and Teaching Center IT Support to ensure that all systems are working properly and accessible.

Building Access, Offices Keys, and Access Codes**

Campus buildings are typically open for access between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m., except for holidays, weekends, and recesses. However, buildings can be accessed and elevators can be activated using the ID card readers between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. and during weekends, holidays, and recesses.

Please use the ID card reader during off hours in your first month of employment to ensure that your card access is activated. Report any issues to the Business Office.

You will also be responsible for keys and numeric access codes. Report any missing or stolen keys to your supervisor immediately. If you feel there is a breach to the access code you have been provided, please notify your supervisor immediately. It is good practice to change the numeric access code when an employee exits his/her position.

Conflict of Interest

The University requires that any administrator or employee who is in the position to make, direct, or materially influence University business decisions complete a Conflict of Interest for Designated Administrators and Staff form. Instructions to complete this form are distributed annually by the Conflict of Interest Office.

Department Calendar and Scheduling Meetings**

There are multiple conference rooms available to Teaching Center staff to schedule and host meetings of all varieties (workshops, consultations, events, etc.). Below is a list of conference rooms and their associated titles in our Microsoft Outlooks Calendars:

Room Location Outlook Title
811B Alumni Hall Teaching – ALUM 811B [Conference Room]
815 Alumni Hall Teaching – ALUM 815 [Conference Room]
B23-B Alumni Hall Teaching – B23-B [Conference Room]
B26 Alumni Hall Teaching – B26 [ETC Training Room]
A115 Information Sciences Building Teaching – SLIS A115 [Conference Room]
B108 Information Sciences Building Teaching – SLIS B108 [Studio]

Additionally, the Teaching Center has a Vacations calendar for staff to post scheduled time out of office. It is listed in the Outlook calendar as “Teaching-Vacations.” You can post your vacation time to this calendar the same way you would schedule a meeting.

E-mail and Signature

The University’s preferred email system is Microsoft Outlook. Please configure and set up Outlook on your first day. Below is the Teaching Center standardized template for an email signature and a sample. Please copy/paste and customize accordingly.


University of Pittsburgh
University Center for Teaching and Learning
Physical Location
Office phone: 412-xxx-xxxx
Pitt E-mail


Cynthia Golden
Associate Provost
Executive Director
University of Pittsburgh
University Center for Teaching and Learning
834 Alumni Hall
4227 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Emergency Evacuation

If the fire alarm in your building activates, you are required to vacate the building immediately through the nearest safe exit. Gathering locations are as follows:

  • Alumni Hall staff: On the sidewalk leading to the 5th Avenue entrance of the Cathedral of Learning, directly across from Lytton
  • Information Sciences staff: On the sidewalk, across the street on Bellefield
  • Cathedral of Learning staff: On the sidewalk, across Bigelow Boulevard by the William Pitt Union.

Emergency Notification Service

You are required to register for the University’s Emergency Notification Service. This system will send a text, voice alert, and email message in the event of a campus emergency. To subscribe to the service, log into Pitt Passport and select “Emergency Notification Service (ENS).”

Online Training Opportunities

The Office of Human Resources offers online training on several key topics, like Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence, Discrimination and Harassment Prevention, and Child Abuse Recognition. You can find the links to the training through the My Resources ⇒ Human Resources menu in Pitt Passport.

A highly recommended course is Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting. This course provides information on mandated and permissive reporting of child abuse developed by the School of Social Work’s Child Welfare Resource Center. It meets Act 31 of 2014 training requirements and the Recognizing Child Abuse and Mandated Reporting components of Act 126 of 2013. Protecting children from abuse and neglect in Pennsylvania is a shared responsibility.

Out-of-Office Messages

The Teaching Center asks that you post an out-of-office message in Outlook when you are sick, on vacation, using a personal day, on recess, or away during a University holiday. Below is a sample message.


I am out of the office until Monday, July 19, 2021. I will return all emails and voicemails at that time. For immediate assistance, please contact [appropriate contact] at [phone and email].

Thank you, Your Name

Shared Calendars

The Outlook Calendar is a communal way to invite attendees to meetings, reserve rooms for meetings/conferences, and post absences (due to vacation, personal days, etc.)

  • Personal calendars: Please use your Outlook calendar to create individual or recurring meetings. You can also share your calendar by adding a user to your calendar permissions list, and then sending a recipient a “Share Calendar” invitation. You are expected to keep your personal calendar up-to-date, so that meeting and events can be easily scheduled.
  • Departmental calendars: You will also have access to multiple shared calendars throughout the Please discuss with your supervisor the most appropriate use of these shared calendars. For more information, see the Appendix.
  • Teaching-Vacations Calendar: This shared calendar indicates planned time off for all staff.

Shared Network Drive Access:

The Teaching Center utilizes Microsoft One Drive as its common network sharing space. Your settings should be automatically configured upon login to access shared folders and files. Users do not have access to all files as some are restricted and confidential, but users will have access to files/folders that are related to their work.

Please consult Teaching Center IT for assistance.


The University has adopted a policy that prohibits smoking within 15 feet of primary entrances and air intakes on campus.

Staff Meetings

You will be asked to participate in a variety of staff meetings. Full staff meetings are held monthly for one hour, while unit meetings may occur more frequently and be scheduled around business requirements. Attendance at full staff meetings is required, and you will receive a calendar invitation from the Business Office. Please make every effort to attend and participate in meetings. You can view minutes from previous meetings on the Teaching Center Teams site.

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