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Tasks to Complete Now

Required Trainings

It is important that you have the appropriate clearances and training that are required for your position. Learn about any necessary clearances you may need, available training opportunities, and other employment verification requirements as an employee at Pitt, visit Office of Human Resources: Clearances and Trainings.

It is the responsibility of everyone in the University community to maintain a campus environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. These courses discuss federal statutes and regulations related to gender discrimination, sexual misconduct, and sexual violence in an academic environment, as well as Pennsylvania-specific definitions on domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault. It provides information to individual members of the campus community regarding their rights to safety, dignity and respect, while also promoting bystander intervention, explaining reporting obligations and other compliance responsibilities. Note that Discrimination and Harassment Prevention is not a required course but provides useful information and is highly recommended.

Within your first two weeks at the Teaching Center, complete both courses. Print and sign the Certificate of Completion and deliver it to the Business Office for permanent storage in your employee file.

Confidentiality Agreement

As an employee of the University Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Pittsburgh, you will have access to various types of restricted use and confidential information in the course of your work. Please read our Confidentiality Agreement carefully, as it outlines our best practices for information management. Please sign and return the document to your supervisor during your first week of employment.

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