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Classroom Services Equipment

Designed to live within the Classroom Services area or specifically on their page for equipment that would allow for searching ONLY their equipment. If you search for “Golden” for example to find Cynthia on the site, it will return no results. Search for “laptop” or “camera” though to see what CS has to offer.

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Digital Imaging
Open Lab
PA Systems
Video Conferencing

Try these: cameramicrophonelaptop

The “Try These” options beneath the search bar can be customized for each bar and updated as search results are analyzed to see what terms are searched for most often on the site.  

Note in both search bars you will sometimes see the keywords you are using highlighted in yellow and when visiting a linked item from the results the search term will be highlighted as well, making it easier to see where that term is on the page.

Teaching Center All-Inclusive Search

Designed to be a replacement for the default search form including the search bar in the header (still under testing) or to live on a separate search page. This will find pages, posts (articles, blog entries, etc.), images, attachments, and Classroom Services equipment as well. If you search for “Golden” here you will find all pages and posts with Cynthia on the site. Search for “laptop” or “camera” though and it will find the equipment plus all articles and posts with those words in them as well.

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