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Using Turnitin with Canvas

Using Turnitin with Canvas

Two Turnitin Tools Integrated with Canvas

Canvas features two ways to integrate Turnitin plagiarism-checking technology into your assignments:

  • Turnitin External Tool: The Turnitin External Tool is available in Canvas. This tool allows you access to Turnitin’s full suite of evaluation tools, including Turnitin’s online grading tools (Feedback Studio) and peer review system (PeerMark). When using the External Tool, you create the assignment and your students submit to the assignment from within Canvas, but all use of rubrics, feedback tools, and scoring takes place in Turnitin.
  • Turnitin Plagiarism Framework: New in Canvas, for instructors who would like to receive a Turnitin similarity report on their student submissions while continuing to use Canvas’s built-in tools for rubrics, feedback, peer review and scoring. Incorporating the Plagiarism Framework into a Canvas assignment is quick and easy, and you do not need to learn a whole new suite of tools in order to do your grading.

Still not sure which tool will best meet your needs? See this External Tool vs. Plagiarism Framework feature comparison chart.

The below articles will give step-by-step instructions for setting up and grading assignments using both of these tools.

Feel free to give the link to our Using Turnitin in Canvas as a Student documentation.

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