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Using OMET Teaching Surveys in Canvas

Using OMET Teaching Surveys in Canvas

There is a direct connection between the OMET Teaching Survey tool and Canvas. Click on your Account tab (1) and then go to OMET Surveys (2).

Screenshot of account tab in Canvas with Account and OMET Surveys highlighted in red rectangles and numbered 1-2.

Adding the OMET Surveys to Individual Courses

You can add your Teaching Surveys to an individual course by navigating to your Course Settings (1) > Navigation tab (2) > find OMET Surveys (3). You can drag and drop the block up so that it makes it available to students. You can also click on the three vertical dots and click Enable. You can do this at any time so you may want to only enable the block during the survey period.

Screenshot of course settings with settings, navigation, and OMET Surveys highlighted in red rectangles and numbered 1-3

Additional Information and Direct Links to Surveys

Adding personal announcements, calendar events, and to-do’s will let students know that you value their feedback and want to hear what they have to say. Direct URL for students that will take them to a list of all their OMET Surveys:

Add an Announcement

Automatic announcements are sent from OMET when surveys begin but research shows that students are more likely to respond when the instructor asks personally. You can provide the direct URL here.

Screenshot of announcements in Canvas and a sample announcement to Complete your OMET

Announcements can be made in advance and scheduled to appear at any time. Additionally, announcements can have video added to them so faculty can talk to students about surveys.

Add an Event

Click on the date that you want to create the Event. Enter the details Click on the date you want to add the “Event,” this box will appear. Enter the details (check our Survey Timeline for current term dates and deadlines) and click on More Options to add more information and the direct URL to the list of all their surveys.  Make sure you add the event to your Course Calendar.

Screenshot of event creation in Canvas. Course Calendar highlighted by a red arrow.

This will automatically create a To-Do item for your students that they can view when they enter your course.

Screenshot of Complete OMET Event as a To-Do item in a course, highlighted in a red rectangle

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