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Teaching Survey Email Notifications

Teaching Survey Email Notifications

Email notifications and reminders are automatically sent to instructors and students enrolled in the Teaching Survey process for the following tasks:

Emails are sent to official University of Pittsburgh email addresses. If you are not receiving our emails or want to make sure any future emails from OMET will be directed straight to your inbox, follow these steps:

The first step is to log into MyPitt Portal like you normally do and click on the “Pitt Email” block as shown below:

Screenshot of My Pitt block for Pitt Email.

From here you will be taken to your Pitt inbox. In the upper-right corner of the window you should see a little options wheel (1). If you click on that there will be a search bar (2) right under that and you will want to type in the word “safe” (3 – without the quotes) and choose the first option for “Safe Senders and Domains”.

Screenshot of Pitt email settings menu.

This final page will show you any email addresses that are either blocked or allowed. Make sure OMET isn’t in the blocked senders list at the top.

Screenshot of Junk Mail settings in Pitt Outlook email.

If you’ve finished with the Blocked Senders list right underneath that is the “Safe Sender” list. Click on the “ + Add “ button (1) and type in the following domain (2):


The purpose of the asterisk is to tell Outlook that you want any email coming from to come straight to your inbox. After you’ve typed that in hit “Enter” on your keyboard and then “Save” at the bottom of that window.

Now any future emails from OMET will be directed straight to your inbox.

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