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Sample Syllabus Statement on Specs Grading

Sample Syllabus Statement on Specs Grading

“The grading for this course is different from other courses in that you are graded by the ‘bundle’ that you have committed to accomplish for the associated grade. If you fail to complete that bundle, you will move to the next lower bundle where you have completed those responsibilities. That means that if you do not want to complete the Clinical Case Study Project or the Service Delivery Project, you do not have to do it and you will not receive an F for that assignment. The bundle that you complete is up to you, however as the grades increase, so do the responsibilities and your time directed towards achieving that bundle. You will need to decide which bundle and grade that you want to achieve and I will ask you for a decision and commitment by 9/3/14. Please note your class activities, quizzes, and projects will not be judged based on your effort. You are responsible for choosing your grade/bundle for this course and meeting the performance expectations associated with that grade.” – Dr. Erin Lundblom, CSD 1231

Bundle 1 (D range)

  • D- Pass 7 or less class activities
  • D Pass 8 to 9 class activities
  • D+ Pass 10 or more class activities

Bundle 2 (C range)

  • Includes the requirements for Bundle 1 at a D+ level, and
  • Receive 90% or higher on 10 quizzes, and
  • Complete the Test Review and Presentation for the following grade:
    • C- below expectations
    • C meets expectations
    • C+ exceeds expectations

Bundle 3 (B range)

  • Includes all of the requirements for Bundle 2 at a C+ level, and
  • Complete the Service Delivery Project for the following grade:
    • B- below expectations
    • B meets expectations
    • B+ exceeds expectations

Bundle 4 (A range)

  • Includes all of the requirements for Bundle 3 at a B+ level, and
  • Complete a Clinical Case Study Project for the following grade:
    • A- : below expectations
    • A : meets expectations
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