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OMET Reminder Announcement – Template

OMET Reminder Announcement - Template

You can use this wording or variations of it that work for you when alerting students to the start of the survey period.

Reminder: The Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching will be sending out emails with links for OMET teaching surveys. Survey links can also be found in Canvas and My Pitt. You can complete surveys between [INSERT DATES]. 

To learn more, watch this 2-minute video on a Pitt’s student perspective on teaching surveys at Panopto.

Your feedback helps me improve course content and teaching strategies. Here are a few tips from the Teaching Center about how to provide effective feedback:

  • Some studies have indicated that students’ unconscious biases can affect teaching survey results. The best way to mitigate unconscious bias is make sure that your ratings and comments address your learning experience, meaning the course content, materials, teaching strategies, class activities, and assessments.
  • When responding to open-ended survey questions, be as specific as possible. Rather than making general positive or constructive comments, explain what specifically helped or hindered your learning in the course and why.
    • Example: Instead or, “I liked the practice quizzes,” you might write something like, “I felt that the practice quizzes helped me apply what we discussed in class and check my own learning.”
  • When making constructive comments, offer suggestions for improvement.
    • Example: Instead of, “The final project was confusing,” you could write, “I struggled with the final project because I felt like I didn’t fully understand your expectations. If you posted examples of past projects or broke the project into pieces so that students could get feedback before submitting the final version, that might help clarify what you’re looking for.”

Thank you for taking the time to offer your feedback.

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