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Learning Objectives and Alignment

Learning Objectives and Alignment

Practice Composing a Learning Objective
and Aligning an Assessment and Activity

  1. Using Bloom’s taxonomy verbs and the objectives checklist, compose one SMART learning objective for a course you plan to teach.
  2. List one assessment that would allow you to evaluate student mastery of that objective.
  3. List one learning activity you could conduct in class to prepare students for to succeed at the assessment.
  4. If you get done early, share and offer/receive feedback from a colleague nearby.

Learning Objective

What you want students to know or be able to do as a result of completing your course.


A means of evaluating student mastery of the learning objective above.

Learning Activity

Some type of activity which would allow students to practice the skills they will need to succeed on the assessment.

Questions for self-check/colleague review:

  1. Is your learning objective specific? Does it refer to one thing students should achieve in the course?
  2. Does the learning objective suggest the cognitive level students should achieve?
  3. Can the learning objective be measured?
  4. Is the learning objective realistic for a student of this level?
  5. Will mastering this learning objective contribute to the student’s ability to succeed in their program?
  6. Can a student master this learning object within a semester?
  7. Is the learning objective an assignment?
  8. Does the assessment align with the objective?
  9. Does the learning activity align with the assessment?
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