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Canvas Course Shell Best Practices Review

Canvas Course Shell Best Practices Review

What is a Canvas Course Shell Best Practices Review?

Teaching Center technologists have developed a process for instructors who teach face-to-face or hybrid courses to ensure that their Canvas course shell is the best that it can be. We understand that even though your teaching is primarily happening in the classroom, your Canvas course is still an important part of your instruction for both you and your students. The Best Practices Review will help you answer the question, “Is my Canvas course okay?”

Through this Review process, a technologist will help you examine six important areas of your online course materials:

  • Course Overview and Information
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Instructional Materials
  • Course Technology
  • Learner Support
  • Accessibility and Usability
  • (Optional) Learning Objectives and Activities

Together, these areas impact your students’ ability to gather information, feel welcome in your course, track their learning progress, access materials, and easily use online course elements.

Choose Your Review Level

There are several ways to undertake a Best Practices Review of your course:

  • Self-Assessment Only: Feel free to download our Best Practices Review Tool and use it as a guide to making improvements to your course on your own.
  • Technologist Consultation: Fill out the form below to request a Best Practices Review consultation with a technologist (via Zoom). During this consultation, you can discuss with your assigned technologist any areas of concern, solicit feedback on how your course can better employ best practices, and learn how to make changes and improvements with Canvas tips and tricks. Your technologist can record your Zoom session for your reference and will send a summary of your discussion via email after your consultation.
  • Technologist Consultation + 1 Hour: In addition to a consultation, we are also offering instructors an additional one hour of a technologist’s time to help you make any major changes that may seem too difficult or time-consuming to implement on your own. Our staff technologists are efficient, skilled users of Canvas with years of experience in both pedagogy and technology and can smooth the way to making big changes to your course quickly. During your initial consultation, you can discuss with the technologist how this additional hour can be best used if you desire to do so.

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