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Course Reviews

Course Reviews

Teaching Center staff conduct syllabus, course material, lesson plan, learning activity, course shell, and/or assessment reviews and provide feedback for improvement. They can also assist academic units in developing processes and standards for conducting peer course reviews and can help train instructors to carry out reviews and deliver feedback to colleagues.

Benefits of Course Reviews

For Schools and Departments

Conducting school or department periodic course reviews can be used to

  • map and align course- and program-level learning objectives
  • to inform faculty development or curriculum improvement efforts
  • to engage instructors in the process of sharing course materials and learning from one another

For Instructors

Course reviews can be used to:

  • check alignment between course learning objectives, assessments, instructional activities, and course resources
  • address a teaching or learning challenge. For instance, a course review could help you revise the design of an assignment that did not go as well as you had hoped.
  • help you implement an innovative teaching methodology or change the delivery of your course
  • make revisions to a course you inherited from another instructor
  • improve the overall effectiveness of your course

Resources and Readings for Course Reviews

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