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Welcome to Pitt Online!

If you have taken a course with Pitt Online previously, welcome back!  We are happy to have you with us. Most of this information will be familiar, but please take a moment to reacquaint yourself!

General Information:

If you are a new student at the University, you will receive a welcome letter from Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD) that contains your University credentials (username/password). These credentials grant you access to Pitt Passport. This is the official portal of the University of Pittsburgh, through which you can access your online course(s), email, and other resources. If you have not received this information, please submit a help ticket at or call 412-624-HELP [4357]. As an online student, your course work will take place entirely over the Internet. In preparation for the term start, consider viewing the Student Orientation. Below is some information to help you get started!

Course Access

Courses will be available for access 3 days before the start of the term! You will access your course through Pitt Passport (Figure 1). Once you’ve accessed the main menu, you’ll want to select CourseWeb to access your online courses (Figure 2).

Screen shot of the My Pitt portal login page
Figure 1 – Use your University credentials to enter Pitt Passport (Click to enlarge).
My Pitt portal screen shot showing CourseWeb block
Figure 2 – Using the Academic Resources menu, select CourseWeb
for access to your online course (Click to enlarge).

Please note that courses become unavailable after the semester ends. You are strongly encouraged to download and save any course documents and work you will need to refer to in the future.

Project Concert (School of Nursing)

Project Concert is a data management system and a repository for storing data, records, health forms, portfolio and course projects for School of Nursing students. It is accessed through the Pitt Portal using your Pitt ID and password. Since your Pitt ID is active even after graduation, this repository is also available to you.

Student Knowledge Base

Looking for ways to get the most out of your online course experience? Use the Student Knowledge Base to review articles, read about best practices and learn the tools that are at your disposal in CourseWeb.

Technical Support

If you encounter technical difficulties at any time, please contact the Computing Services & Systems Development [CSSD] Help Desk. You can reach them any of the following ways:

Submit a ticket to the CSSD Help Desk
Call 412-624-HELP [4357]
Email at

Library Resources

Pitt offers a number of library services. The University Library System is a beneficial resource for all online students. Pitt also offers access to the Barco Law Library and The Health Sciences Library System. These libraries offer thousands of digital resources that can assist during your scholarly work. You can view the information on accessing their resources from off campus.

When you are connecting from off-campus, EZProxy allows you to access the library systems from a remote location.

Office of the Registrar

For questions about billing, tuition, and fees the registrar can be reached via email at or visit the University of Pittsburgh Registrar Homepage.

University of Pittsburgh Testing Center

Some Nursing courses may require students to complete an examination under proctored supervision. The University of Pittsburgh Testing Center will contact each student individually approximately three weeks ahead of the exam to assist you with locating a proctoring facility that’s convenient for you. Once a proctoring facility is identified, students may schedule a testing session that fits their schedule. Read the Testing Center page for off campus options for more information.

Read Me First

Each online course at the School of Nursing has an area called “Read Me First.” Accessible from the left navigation menu, this area contains important information to help you get started. Please review the “Read Me First” section when you log in to the course the first time.

Navigating CourseWeb

Each online course at the School of Nursing includes information about how to navigate the online course management system. This tab is also accessible from the left navigation menu and contains tips and tricks to help you access your online materials.

Faculty Info

Once you’ve accessed your CourseWeb class, the Faculty Info page will provide contact information and a short bio on your instructor (Figure 4).

Figure 4: You’ll find information about your faculty member, and ways to contact him/her throughout the semester (Click to enlarge).


To review the Schedule or Course Syllabus, click on the appropriate titles in the navigation menu (Figure 5). You’ll find course objectives, grading rubrics, due dates and other important course information on these documents. Use them to help plan your time efficiently and ensure that you’re satisfying course deadlines.

Figure 5: The Syllabus and Schedule are both available to you from the first day of class (Click to enlarge).

Disability Services

If you have a disability for which you are or may be requesting an accommodation, you are encouraged to contact both your instructor and the Office of Disability Resources and Services (DRS), 140 William Pitt Union, (412) 648-7890/ (412) 383-7355 (TTY) or visit the DRS web site as early as possible for more information. DRS will verify your disability and determine reasonable accommodations for this course.

Pitt Online courses use a variety of media and technologies in our courses, so we’ve compiled a list of Accessibility Statements for each technology.

Veterans Services

The Office of Veterans Services facilitates the transition of veterans from military to University life, support their ongoing academic success, and assist veterans, guardsmen, reservists, spouses, and dependents in receiving their military education benefits.

Virtual Student Orientation

The Virtual Student Orientation is a video that will introduce you to the basics of CourseWeb, as well as the resources available to you as a Pitt Online student!

Navigating CourseWeb

You will use a variety of communication tools during your course work at Pitt Online. Click Navigating CourseWeb for instructional guides and videos that will assist you!

Technical Requirements

A list of supported browsers can be found in our Knowledge Base. In some Pitt Online courses, a computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone may be necessary to communicate with your instructor and peers.

University Store on Fifth

You can order your textbooks online from The University Store on Fifth. Once you’ve accessed this homepage, you will see a variety of options for textbook reservations. Please order your textbooks as soon as possible.

Panther Badge Request

As a University of Pittsburgh student, you have the option of requesting a Panther Card which allows you to:

  • Physically check out library assets from all library systems on the Pittsburgh campus.
  • Access any of the computer labs on the Pittsburgh campus.

To request a badge, please fill out this form.

Academic Advising

Each University of Pittsburgh student is assigned an advisor who will follow you through your path of studies. Your advisor will provide guidance on course selection.

University Libraries

Online students at the University of Pittsburgh have access to the same digital library resources as our on-campus students.

There are several library systems available to Pitt Online students:

  • The University Library System [ULS] houses collections in the humanities and social sciences, and includes area studies, psychology, computer science, and maps. Of the collections listed above, the following are located in Hillman Library: Hillman, African American, Buhl, East Asian, Government Documents, and Special Collections. Learn more about accessing the ULS from off campus, and feel free to view their videos on using library resources.
  • The Health Sciences Library System [HSLS] comprises several libraries that support the educational, research, patient care, and service activities of the schools of the health sciences (Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Nursing, and Public Health) as well as the hospitals of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
  • The Barco Law Library was originally conceived as both a law library and a research center. The current collection includes all of the major legal databases as well as 468,000 volumes and volume equivalents.

When you are connecting from off-campus, EZProxy allows you to access the library systems from a remote location.

Using My Pitt Video (Panopto)

You may be asked to record a video or presentation using the University’s video capture service, My Pitt Video (powered by Panopto). Review the Panopto Workflows for Students and Panopto Lecture Capture basics pages to prepare for this experience. The lecture capture guidance can be used for recording student videos as well as lectures from faculty.

Help Desk Support

The Technology Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer all of your technology-related questions.

They can be reached by phone at 412-624-HELP [4357], by email at, or by submitting a Help Desk Problem Report Form.

We encourage you to visit Pitt’s Information Technology page for additional information about Pitt’s Services, Software and Security protocols.

University Writing Center

The University of Pittsburgh Writing Center provides one-on-one tutoring to Pitt students seeking help with their writing.

Instructions for using a Writing Center tutor for an online consultation:

  1. Visit the University of Pittsburgh Writing Center appointment scheduling website.
  2. Register for an account with the University of Pittsburgh Writing Center. This information is different than your Pitt log-in credentials, though you must use a Pitt email address.
  3. Under “Choose a Schedule,” select the term (e.g., 2187) and “O’Hara Student Center.”
  4. In the Schedule, look for a tutor who has the words “face-to-face or online” under her name. Identify the time that is convenient for you and double-click a white box to enter your information. Select the online option for the appointment. Include the instructor, course, and what you would like to work on. Then, click “Save Appointment.”
  5. You will receive an email confirmation with a link in case you need to change or cancel the appointment.
  6. A few minutes before your appointment time log in to the schedule site again and click on your appointment to enter the workspace. You can find more information at the Writing Center website.

NOTE: If you prefer to have a telephone consultation, call 412-624-6556 to make arrangements.

University of Pittsburgh Testing Center

Some courses at Pitt Online may require students to complete an examination under proctored supervision. The University of Pittsburgh Testing Center will contact each student individually approximately three weeks ahead of the exam to assist you with locating a proctoring facility that’s convenient for you. Once a proctoring facility is identified, students may schedule a testing session that fits their schedule.

Complaint Process

Information regarding the complaint process.

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