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MOOC header showing globe and figures of people holding handsThe language of health care providers at U.S. clinical sites is heavily infused with abbreviations and technical terms. Frequently, there is little time to ask for explanations. Clinical Terminology for International and U.S. Students focuses on terms and abbreviations that will be heard or seen during early clinical work. Terms are presented according to the clinical context in which they will be experienced using print, audio and visual representations. A web-based clinical dictionary for beginners provides additional information about terms presented in the course as well as definitions of many important terms that could not be covered in the six week course. The MOOC is co-taught by Valerie Swigart, PhD R.N., and Michael Gold, PhD You can read more about the course, including the Syllabus and dates for the next offering, at Clinical Terminology for International and U.S. Students.

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