Pathways for Faculty

    Pathways for Faculty are educational experiences designed exclusively for faculty. The intent of Pathways for Faculty is to deepen and enrich the teaching practice of faculty by focusing on an aspect of their teaching. Pathways are very similar to Faculty Learning Communities and operate as a cohort.
    Faculty are experts in their field; however, many faculty haven’t had the opportunity to deep dive into teaching. For faculty who want to develop a richer, more research-guided teaching practice we present four unique pathways of faculty development. The pathways are designed to give faculty access to a community of practice, or cohort that nurtures and develops their teaching practice while staying focused on research guided principles. Faculty commit a certain amount of time and are supported with guidance, resources, and support.
    Faculty will improve their teaching practice, receive professional enrichment, and build a stronger community of professional practice amongst their fellow faculty.
    Faculty may choose between the following pathways:

    The Highly Engaged, Highly Interactive Instructor – (2 semesters)
    This cohort explores ways of implementing the most effective teaching strategies into your class, regardless of the number of students you teach.

    Hybrid & Online Teaching and Learning – (1 semester)
    This cohort looks at ways to make online or hybrid courses the best they can. This cohort meets mostly online and much of the work is self-guided with feedback.

    Diversity and the Inclusive Classroom – (2 semesters)
    Looking fearlessly at our courses, this cohort examines how inclusive the curriculum, environment, and classroom are for our students. The goal is to make the learning experience for students the best it can be, regardless of where they come from, what they believe, and who they are. Visit the Center for Diversity in the Curriculum pages for more information on the Teaching Center’s diversity an inclusion efforts.

    The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning – (2 semesters)
    Working exclusively with decades of research and scholarly writing on teaching and learning, this reflective cohort learns how to apply research to teaching, with the aim of improving learning for students and disseminating this information among peers.

    Classroom Assessment – (1 semester)
    This cohort will focus on creating a variety of different classroom assessments to improve student learning and teaching. In addition to face-to-face meetings, this cohort will also conduct work online.

    Faculty should expect to meet once a month with their cohort (a total of eight meetings over a year, or four meetings over a semester). There is outside reading and writing, and faculty will develop materials that can be used towards their own teaching evaluation or portfolios. Faculty may also wish to pursue writing a piece for a journal based on the work they do in their pathway.

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Pathways for Faculty

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