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The Open Lab supports progressive and engaging learning experience by helping faculty orchestrate new media and innovative technologies solutions. We are excited to introduce users to various educational tools and help implement them into your work. The Open Lab, operated out of Classroom Services in B10 Alumni Hall, seeks collaboration with faculty and students to help enhance course projects and learning outcomes via researching educational tools, loaning gear, workshops, training, consultations and service requests. Open Lab offers technology demonstrations, experimentations, and training in 360 degree video cameras recording and editing, 3D printing, 3D scanning, virtual reality, and other maker educational tools and practices.

The Open Lab has a great track record of changing the very nature of your course to provide the most engaging environment for teaching and learning. Recently we have assisted the following faculty with their courses.

360 Video Course integrations:

Erin Anderson, PhD, Assistant Professor of English (The Writing Program)

Course: ENGWRT 2310: Digital Nonfiction Workshop, Spring 2017

Jacques Bromberg, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Classics, Program Director of Pitt in Sicily

Pitt in Sicily: Classics 100: Masterpieces of Greek and Roman Literature, Summer 2017

Pitt in Sicily: Classics 1610: Greek Archaeology, Summer 2017

3D Printing:

Eunice Yang, PhD, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department at Johnstown

Course: MET 1135: Engineering Measurements, Fall 2016, Spring 2017

For more information about how Open Lab can be used for your project or course,

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Open Lab Instuctor Spotlight

Digital Nonfiction Workshop

Erin Anderson
A big thank you to Meg Koleck and the Center for Teaching and Learning Open Lab for working with me on this project. When I first got the idea that I might want to experiment with 360 video in my teaching, I saw it as a long-term proposition that I might aim to develop over the next couple of years. Working with Meg, I was able to get the support I needed develop a project for my class over a single semester.

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3D Math Models

Donna RosenburgOne of our regular customers is Mathematics professor, Donna Rosenberger. Over the years, we have formed a good working relationship, so when one of our colleagues, Perry Ganchuck, mentioned a book he had been interested in called Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing, I offered Donna a chance to get some of those models printed for her courses.

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SHRS 360 Video Tours

SHRS LogoAfter working with Student Health Rehabilitation Services to create some basic 360 video tours of the athletic training rooms in the Petersen Events Center, we are currently developing a more ambitious and intensive project that will focus on creating new and improved 360 content for SHRS recruiting efforts.

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Splint Work

Jennifer WhiteJennifer White is an instructor and doctoral candidate with the Occupational Therapy program in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Following a workshop given by our Teaching Commons, Jennifer was referred to our department by Carol Washburn. Jennifer expressed a general interest in 3D printing, and after some discussion and research we found that there is some potential for creating custom sized splints for hand and wrist injuries.

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Peng’s Molecules

Dr. Peng LiuProfessor Peng Liu from the Chemistry Department reached out to our department after reading a blog post about our acquisition of an Oculus Rift developers kit. He had been working with a student on a method to visualize molecular structures in Virtual Reality, but had only begun to experiment with certain developer tools for the Android phone/tablet platform

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Elemental Bonds

Dr. Eunice YangDuring a tour of the LMS Support area, Professor Eunice Yang asked a number of questions about our current 3D printing capabilities. She later contacted us with a request to print out a couple of models that she had found online that demonstrated the internal structures of certain common elemental bonds.

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