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Vinyl Cutting

A vinyl cutter is a computer-controlled machine that uses a blade to precisely cut out shapes and letters from sheets of vinyl. The vinyl can then be stuck to a variety of surfaces, depending on the adhesive and type of material. A vinyl cutter is also capable of cutting a variety of other thin, flexible materials such as paper or fabric.

After creating a design in the appropriate software, the vinyl cutter cuts along the vector paths laid out in the design. The cutter is capable of moving the blade on X and Y axes over the material, cutting it into any shape imaginable.

Open Lab Equipment:

  • Silhouette Cameo 3: Easy to use and versatile
    • Silhouette Studio Software
  • Roland Stika: Slightly less user-friendly model
    • Roland CutStudio software

How to use our equipment:

After a brief tutorial or workshop, you will be able to come to an Open Lab location and use a vinyl cutter to cut out your designs.

If you would like help designing a project involving cutting vinyl, or incorporating this technology into your teaching, schedule a consultation with Open Lab staff.

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