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Laser Cutting/Engraving

Open Lab - laser cutting/engraving combined exampleCut wood, cloth, and acrylic, and engrave on almost any material with laser precision.

Laser cutters have two main functions: making extremely precise cuts in a flat sheet of material, and engraving an image into an object by burning or melting away very fine layers of it. These processes can also be combined into one project as pictured here.

Open Lab Equipment:

  • Epilog Zing 24 cabinet with 50W CO2 laser
  • 3-stage air filtration system
  • Design computer with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Rotary arm attachment for engraving rounded objects

How to use our equipment:

To have your project cut or engraved, schedule a consultation with Open Lab staff. If you have a file for your cutting project ready, please make sure that it is in a format that Adobe Illustrator will read, such as an SVG or PDF. Images for engraving can be in any format.

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