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Faculty member lecturing at the front of a classroom of students.

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Information for Students

Why should I complete the survey?

Instructors value your opinion and use the feedback to review course design and instruction.

How can I provide effective feedback for my instructors?

Instructors do value your feedback so it’s important to provide details and examples in your comments. Vague comments like “this instructor is amazing” or “this class is boring” do not provide enough information. Remember to focus on the content and instruction of the course (assignments, required readings, lecture) and not personal characteristics like dress or appearance. The following statements are much more effective:

“This instructor is amazing. He/she follows the syllabus closely, explains difficult concepts clearly by providing examples, and is available for assistance outside of class.”

“This class was boring. Instead of lectures all the time, I wish we had class activities or projects to complete. This would keep my interest and provide hands on experience.”

For more examples, see the University of Michigan resource titled “Course Evaluations: Providing Helpful Feedback to Your Instructors” (PDF).

Are my responses anonymous?

  • Student responses are confidential. Instructors and administrators receive anonymous response data.
  • Instructors are aware of how many (not who) students submitted survey responses.
  • Instructors do not receive results until after final grades are posted.
  • Please note that responses deemed as indicative of harm to oneself, or another person will be shared with the appropriate University contact for follow up.

Who else sees my responses?

Teaching surveys are intended to provide feedback for the instructor about course design and delivery. Each school has its own policy about supervisory access to individual instructor results.

Beyond student opinion of teaching surveys

If you have concerns that are beyond the scope of teaching surveys, there are resources on campus that can offer support and assistance.

  • The surveys are totally confidential. Instructors receive online summary numerical results and comments with no identifying student information.
  • E-mail reminders will stop once you complete all of your surveys!
  • Contact OMET with any question or concerns.
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