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Role of the Teaching Survey Coordinator

The Survey Coordinator role is critical to the success of the Teaching Survey administration. Teaching survey coordinators:

  • are the point-of-contact for teaching survey questions between units and OMET.
  • coordinate with unit leaders, PeopleSoft Data Administrators, and faculty to verify course and instructor assignments.
  • have access to the OMET Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) tool where choices about which courses will or will not be surveyed are entered.

Surveys for all courses listed in PeopleSoft are automatically activated. Survey Coordinators and PeopleSoft Data Administrators in each unit should make any necessary updates prior to the start of surveys. This includes:

  • assigning the correct instructor to the course*
  • verifying students are enrolled in the correct section**
  • entering any other relevant class information

*Instructors and TA’s must be assigned to courses in PeopleSoft for OMET Teaching Survey to be activated. Instructors/teachers or TA’s may have been manually added to Canvas, this WILL NOT result in a teaching survey being activated. Instructors (Primary or Secondary) or TA roles must be assigned in PeopleSoft to have an OMET survey automatically activated.

**Combining students in Canvas will also not affect surveys. Each section is surveyed according to enrollments in PeopleSoft.

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