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Role of the Teaching Survey Coordinator

The Survey Coordinator role is critical to the success of the Teaching Survey administration. Their responsibilities include:

  1. They are the point-of-contact for Teaching Survey issues between the School and OMET.
  2. They work with the Dean, PeopleSoft Data Administrators, and faculty on Teaching Survey administration.
  3. They assign which courses will or will not be surveyed.
  4. They work with the PeopleSoft Data Administrators to ensure that all course information is correct in the PeopleSoft system, prior to the start of the Teaching Survey period.

All courses are automatically listed in PeopleSoft. School Contact or PeopleSoft Data Administrators must update any class changes to PeopleSoft for accuracy:

  • Instructor name
  • Enrolled students
  • Any other class changes

For example, if a Teaching Assistant (TA) is actually teaching the course, the TA’s name must appear as the instructor in PeopleSoft.

If there are any other changes to the course or student names, the School Contact or PeopleSoft Data Administrators must make these changes in PeopleSoft. The success of the Teaching Surveys depends on the accuracy of the course/instructor/student information contained in PeopleSoft.

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