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Understanding Your Results

Turning Midterm Survey Results into Meaningful Conversations & Change

Talk as soon as possible with your students about their suggestions & feedback. Let them know that you value their feedback, and that constructive feedback helps you improve your practice.

You might also address:

  • What you can’t change.
  • What you can change this term.
  • What you can’t change until the next time the course is taught.

Check in with your students again in a few weeks, formally or informally and ask them how things are going, and whether they feel things have improved.

Get assistance from the Teaching Center to:

  • Interpret results
  • Identify possible trends
  • Do a comparison of data from previous years
  • Observe a class and give you unbiased feedback on aspects of your teaching that are important to you and your students. These consultations are always confidential.
  • Develop a plan for adjusting or altering the course


Individual faculty consultations are a foundation of Teaching Center services. Faculty receive confidential feedback provided through course, curriculum, assessment, syllabi reviews, and classroom observations. Faculty appreciate the opportunity to dialogue with pedagogy experts on the design and delivery of their courses.

Email to schedule a meeting with a Teaching Consultant.

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