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Question Library Items

Applied Questionsthese questions are automatically applied to each Midterm Course Survey. These items cannot be removed or altered but instructors are invited to add custom questions. Below are some samples of questions that can be added. Instructors are also able to write their own questions. See our Instructions for Adding Custom Questions document.

At this point in the semester, your instructor would like to know:

  • What is helping you to learn in this class?
  • What is making learning difficult?
  • What changes could be made to help you learn?
  • What do you still find confusing or unclear?
  • What steps could you take to improve your own learning in this course?

Samples of Additional Custom Questions that instructors can add:

For more suggestions and a special set of Remote Teaching and Learning questions, visit our main Question Library section.

Scaled – (Strongly disagree, Disagree. Neutral, Agree, Strongly agree)


  • I am developing the skills I need in this class.
  • I understand the class material.
  • I can apply what I’ve learned in this class to new situations.
  • I understand what is expected of me in this class.
  • The online materials are helping me learn in this class.
  • I feel comfortable speaking in this class.
  • This class stimulates my interest in the subject.
  • The course is appropriately paced.
  • Exams covered the material presented in class.
  • The online course materials are easy to use.
  • Assignments have increased my understanding of course concepts.
  • Grading is fair.


  • The instructor invites student questions and comments during class.
  • The instructor motivates me to learn.
  • The instructor has provided valuable feedback.
  • The instructor treats students with respect.
  • The instructor clearly explained the course objectives.
  • This instructor is available for assistance.

Open Ended Questions

  • Which class activities, assignments, and/or resources are working well for you in this class?
  • What is the most important thing you’ve learned so far in this course?
  • List three things you like best about the class.
  • List three things you like least about the class.
  • Do you feel prepared for the upcoming exam? Why or Why not?
  • Is there anything else you would like the instructor to know?
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