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The Value of Early Feedback

We’ve put together a series of short videos in which we ask faculty and students to talk about why student feedback early in the term is important and how it’s helped shape classroom experiences.

Faculty who participated in the midterm course survey pilot share their thoughts about gathering student feedback early in the term and using the OMET process. We thank the faculty who participated in our pilot and for allowing us to post their comments, which were received through anonymous post-pilot surveys.

I wanted to know what they found helped them to learn the best, this way I could make change. But, I wish I could have sorted these results into two groups: “I am passing this class” and “I am failing this class.” The information was helpful, but I still didn’t know what things were working for which student. On some previous research of mine, I found that the self-reported grade was the most indicative of future success. If I could sort comments, I could better see what is working for whom.

The OMET process made it easier to read open responses to questions, giving me a better sense of how the students view the course.

This was an easy way to check–in with the students and get feedback on how the class is going so far.

Help identify early problems.

Midterm surveys are very useful in gauging where the engineering students stand and make appropriate adjustments, if at all possible.

The Midterm survey helped me get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. I have a chance to make changes. It also gave me a chance to learn their concerns and what makes them anxious and how I might be able to overcome those anxieties.

Midterm surveys offered me a good way to get feedback on a particular way I was teaching. I wanted to see if it was worth the time I was expending to continue to create handouts for the students to download and print on their own. 100% of those who responded indicated that they appreciated the handouts, even though they have to print them themselves. This was useful to know.

Completing midterm evaluations through the university system may prepare students for the final OMET evaluations, especially the freshmen students.

Midterm surveys allow instructors to adjust their teaching style best serve the current students, as opposed to get the end–of–term feedback after the term is over.

They provide a barometer to help you gauge how the semester is progressing.

It gives me a lot of in depth information about my students’ self–perception in this class and helps me reconsider the remainder of the semester.

Students appreciate knowing that you are listening to them. And it helps to reveal misconceptions that you have as an instructor. You may think that you are reaching everyone, but the surveys will show whether the students believe that or not.

It was nice to be able to adjust things for the current students rather than a future group that might not feel the same way about how the course is going.

Midterm surveys provide an opportunity for students and instructors to discuss how the course is progressing. This may lead to adjustments that make the course more effective.

I appreciated learning about teaching strategies that were effective for students and opportunities to enhance their understanding –– especially about the expectations for assignments.

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