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Description of Pilot

  • Participants – 49 instructors with a total of 65 classes
  • Survey details
    • Students had one week to complete surveys
    • Five questions were automatically applied to surveys. Custom questions were added to 29 surveys.
  • There was a 41% response rate

Faculty Feedback

A post pilot survey was sent to all faculty participants, thirty-three faculty responded.

  • 95% of faculty responded that instructions documents were clear
  • Compared to other survey tools used by faculty in the past:
    • 44% thought the OMET process had the same level of difficulty
    • 39% thought the OMET process was easier to use
  • 85% of faculty responded that they encouraged students to complete the survey by:
    • Talking about it in class
    • Posting announcements in CourseWeb/Canvas
    • Sending a personal email
  • 97% of faculty thought reports were easy to interpret

What did instructors do with the results?

  • 58% of faculty discussed the results with students
  • Other groups faculty discussed their results with:
    • Colleague
    • Mentor
    • Teaching Center Consultant
    • Supervisor
    • TA’s
  • 88 % of faculty made changes to the course based on feedback

Using Midterm Surveys in the Future

  • 55% of faculty responded that they have administered midterm surveys in the past
  • 97% of faculty responded that they will administer midterm surveys in the future
    • 91% are likely to use the OMET process

Future Planning

  • OMET will send a follow up survey to participants after end-of-term survey results are released to gather additional information
  • Beginning spring 2020, the option to request an OMET administered Midterm Course Survey will be open to all university faculty

To request the full Post Pilot Report or more information on midterm course surveys, Contact OMET.

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