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OMET Midterm Course Survey Operating Practices & Procedures

Faculty may request a midterm survey of their course through the Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching. This service further supports our mission to assist faculty with gathering student feedback. The service is optional and those who request agree to follow the processes outlined below.


Midterm course survey data provides timely formative feedback that faculty can use to determine what students think of the class so far. Feedback lets instructors know what’s working and what could possibly be changed to positively affect the student learning experience. Midterm Course Surveys are optional and must be requested by the instructor.

Who can request?

Anyone teaching a course, including Teaching Assistants, can request through their Teaching Survey Dashboard. An email notification will be sent when the option to request is open.

Which classes can be surveyed?

All classes are eligible to be surveyed.

Survey Content:

Faculty can choose to use the standard OMET Question Set or write their own (faculty choosing the OMET set will still have the option to add questions). Go to our Question Library to view both lists.

Survey Administration Details

  • An email notification will be sent to instructors when the option to request is open.
  • Questions can be added up to one day before surveys begin.
  • Survey dates are calculated based on session code; faculty can choose to modify dates.
  • Students will receive an email notification when the survey is open, and links will appear in Canvas.


  • Anonymized results are sent shortly after surveys close.
  • Results are released to faculty members only.
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