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Midterm Course Survey: Purpose

Collecting student feedback early in the term can uncover which teaching methods are working, which are not, and whether adjustments should be made. (Diamond, 2004) Research has also shown that conducting midterm surveys and acting on the results has a positive impact on end of term feedback. Conducting midterm evaluations can lead to higher ratings on end of year surveys (Cohen, 1980), improved student perception of the value of the process (Sviniki, 2001), and allows students to become more familiar and adept at completing meaningful evaluations (Lewis, 2001).

We’ve put together a series of short videos in which we ask faculty and students to talk about why student feedback early in the term is important and how it’s helped shape classroom experiences.

Read what Alan Lesgold, professor emeritus of education, psychology, and intelligent systems and Renée and Richard Goldman Dean Emeritus (2000-2016) of the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, has to say about collecting student feedback early and often.

OMET conducted a Midterm Course Survey pilot project in fall 2019. Read what faculty participants had to say about the process. Read the full Post Pilot Report.

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