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New – OMET Process

The Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching (OMET) now offers a Midterm Course Survey option.


  • Instructors can request a Midterm Course Survey through their Teaching Survey Dashboard.
  • The following survey questions will be applied:
    • At this point in the semester, your instructor would like to know:
    1. What is helping you to learn in this class?
    2. What is making learning difficult?
    3. What changes could be made to help you learn?
    4. At this point in the semester, what do you still find confusing or unclear?
    5. What steps could you take to improve your own learning in this course?
  • Instructors will have the option to add custom questions.
  • Surveys will be administered online to students
  • Surveys will be open to students for one week
  • Results will be released to instructors shortly after surveys close
  • For more details, refer to our processes and procedures document.

Fall 2019 schedule:

Events Dates
Instructors can opt-in to the survey process September 3 – 18
Instructors can add questions to the survey September 23 – 29
Surveys administered to students Sept. 30 – Oct. 6
Results available to instructors October 8

Contact for more information.

Midterm surveys can also be administered using the following options:

CourseWeb/Blackboard – You may administer surveys through CourseWeb/Blackboard. Please see Blackboard’s support article for instructions on designing, administering, and interpreting results.

Qualtrics – The University of Pittsburgh has a site license for the Qualtrics Survey Service. Qualtrics can be used to administer surveys, collect and store data, and analyze results.

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