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Midterm Course Surveys

Join the Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching in piloting Midterm Course Surveys.

Midterm Course Survey: Purpose

Midterm course survey data provide the instructor with timely feedback that can uncover barriers to student learning. Feedback also assists instructors in knowing which teaching methods are working and whether adjustments should be made. (Diamond, 2004) Discussing the results with students provides an opportunity for open dialogue between instructor and student emphasizing a shared ownership of teaching and learning. (Payette & Brown, 2018) “The timely correction of students’ concerns through the implementation of midcourse corrections affords both the instructor and students the opportunity to change the direction of the teaching and learning of the course for the improvement of both constituents.” (Harris, 2013)

Midterm Course Survey Research has shown that conducting midterm evaluations and acting on the results has a positive impact on end of term feedback. Conducting midterm evaluations can lead to higher ratings on end of year surveys (Cohen, 1980), improved student perception of the value of the process (Sviniki, 2001), and allows students to become more familiar and adept at completing meaningful evaluations (Lewis, 2001).

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